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Newsletter – February 2019

Feb 11th, 2019


February 2019 Newsletter

From the CEO

Looking back it’s hard to believe MatchRX turns 9 years old this month. From our first member that joined in 2010 to the 6,000+ members we have today, our mission has remained the same – to connect independent pharmacies to resolve three longstanding problems: eliminating costly overstock before it expires, locating small quantities of medications for identified patients, and minimizing the impact of market constraints including delayed MAC adjustments and DIR fees. Our goal is to connect independents across the county to work together to improve cash flow and patient access to medications. 

As we enter our 10th year, we continue to work on your behalf. This year will mark the launch of our new, improved, and faster marketplace. We have added many of your ideas and suggestions to create a tool designed to be an everyday part of your pharmacy operation. In conjunction with the new marketplace, I am pleased to announce the launch of mobile applications to help you post, buy, sell, and manage your account activity, all in the palm of your hand. 

I would like to personally thank you for your continued membership and activity over the years.  MatchRX would not exist without our loyal members. We look forward to a bright future serving your pharmacy and patient population. 

I wish you continued success in 2019.

John Kello


Features/Functionality coming with MatchRX 3.0

Seller Vacation Mode

MatchRX sellers that want to temporarily hide their posting from the marketplace due to a vacation or extended period away from the pharmacy can easily do so by using the new Vacation Mode feature on the “My Posting” page. Simply enter the “From” and “To” dates and your postings will be automatically managed.

Bulk Search

MatchRX buyers can quickly search for multiple NDC’s at one time by using the new Bulk Search feature on the Buy page. Simply download the preconfigured template, enter up to 100 NDC’s and drag the template into the upload wizard. Matching items will be grouped by NDC number.

Pharmacy News

posted on 01.31.2019

Get the lowest prices on your meds and the best service from your pharmacist.

Love Oak Pharmacy in Eastland, Texas, puts together individualized daily pill packs for customers with multiple prescriptions in order to reduce the risk that they will mix up drugs or skip doses. Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy in Pittsburgh offers free home delivery, sometimes on the same day. And pharmacists at Hayat Pharmacy in Milwaukee speak a total of 19 languages, helping them to serve a diverse community.

Personalized care like that seems to be what people value in a drugstore—and where independent pharmacies often seem to excel. (…read more)

posted on 12.13.2018

What keeps customers coming to your front end?

Is your price lower than your online and mail-order competition? Do you have a broader product selection? Do you take orders in the late evening and weekends?

Most independent pharmacies don’t have the resources to compete with online retailers and pharmacies in convenience and price. But your brick-and-mortar locations enable you to engage patients in ways impossible for retailers who only exist in cyberspace.

“One of the greatest differentiators between internet-based purchases and in-store selection is the ability for brick-and-mortar retailers to engage shoppers in a more emotional way by tapping into the five senses,”….(…read more)

posted on 02.06.2019

In his State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Trump called on Congress to take further action to reduce the price of prescription drugs. Trump also highlighted the disparity between what Americans pay for drugs and what people in other countries pay for those very same medicines. “It is unacceptable that Americans pay vastly more than people in other countries for the exact same drugs, often made in the exact same place,” Trump said. “This is wrong, unfair, and together we can stop it. (…read more)

Helpful Hints

Tip 1: Need to train someone in your pharmacy to utilize MatchRX?

Let us help you! Contact your account representative at 877-590-0808 to train a new or existing employee to be a stellar user. It’ll only take 20 minutes or less. We’ll train your pharmacy team to post an item, manage your postings, confirm orders and buy from the marketplace. Your savings on MatchRX will help offset their salary.

Need a refresher? Call us. We’re happy to review or expand in areas of the marketplace.

Tip 2: Do you have shipping supplies readily available?

Is your pharmacy prepared to ship items for express orders? Frozen/Refrigerated items?

Did you know….

  • MatchRX will send your pharmacy free FedEx Express boxes to keep on hand for items needing express shipping.
  • MatchRX supplies frozen/refrigerated stickers to add to the exterior of boxes, allowing your buyers to quickly identify items requiring additional attention. Order more here.
  • Keep smaller boxes and shipping supplies on hand in your pharmacy for a smooth selling experience. Remember to add cotton to the top of pill bottles, add tissue paper or bubble wrap to the inside of your box to prevent damage when shipped.

If you need additional items, contact our customer service team at 877-590-0808 or email us at

Tip 3: Contacts, emails, and phone numbers.

Reviewing your account information is simple, quick, and important. Next time you login, verify your list of authorized contacts. Review and update contact names, email addresses, notification preferences, and cell phone numbers. Don’t hesitate to add your accountant or any other person that is authorized to inquire about your account. MatchRX customer service agents will only work with authorized individuals.

How do I update my profile?

  1. Login and click on the Manage Tab.
  2. Click on “My Profile” > “Contacts Manager”
  3. Add or edit a contact

Need additional assistance, contact us at 877-590-0808 or email Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Need more MRX stickers to quickly identify posted items? They’re free, click here to request more.