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Newsletter – June 2011

May 27th, 2011

New Features…


Export Postings from the Marketplace… This new feature is yet another way we’re making the Marketplace easy and convenient. On the Buy page click “Download All” to export all postings from the Marketplace to an excel spreadsheet. Use this information with your inventory management software to optimize your shopping experience in the Marketplace.

New Purchase History icon… On the far right column of the Buy page you’ll see the new Purchase History icon which allows you to view items previously purchased in the marketplace. Click on the column icon to filter the Purchase History column or click on the icon in the row to view the history of the specific item purchased.


Like Us on Facebook… and start connecting with colleagues, join discussions, enter contests and have a little fun! Check the addition of two new pages added. The Discussions page the Refer-a-Friend page.


Member of the Month… Rider Pharmacy

Family owned and operated since 1967, Rider Pharmacy is located in the historic

downtown river district of Fairmont, West Virginia. Rider Pharmacy prides itself on providing a personal touch, with special emphasis on improving the quality of life of their customers and the community through prescription services, compounding, home medical equipment and consulting.

Rider Pharmacy has been a member of MatchRX since August 2010 and they have saved over $15,000.

“In the short time that we’ve been using MatchRx, our inventory has been reduced by 7% and we are able to purchase hard to find medications.  MatchRX is an invaluable tool for the independent pharmacy.”

-Jonathan R., Rider Pharmacy,

Fairmont, West Virginia


From the CEO…


Members Often Ask, “How often should I use MatchRX?”… And my response is always the same…”Daily”.  I liken using MatchRX daily to playing baseball.  You’ll hit a lot of singles and doubles and from time to time, a homerun or even a grand slam.  So get out and swing the bat daily in the marketplace and you can be certain your batting average (“My Savings” account) will only go up. Join the 25% of members log-in once per day and over 50% who log-in weekly to view the latest postings, confirm a sale, update your postings, browse your Wishlist items, or just check out the latest features.

Whether you log-in for just 10 minutes or stay on the site throughout the night, going to the marketplace daily allows you make the most of it. With the ability to Buy, Sell, and Manage your account 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you choose when to shop and save.  Members who regularly use the site add $2,000-$5,000 per month in cash-flow to their bottom line. With margins being squeezed and return policies constantly changing, using MatchRX daily can help relieve some of the financial pressure independent pharmacists continue to come under.


To help save you time and enhance your daily experience, we continue to add features, such as the new “Purchase History” icon which identifies items you’ve previously purchased in the marketplace.  If you’ve purchased an item before, you may need to purchase it again.  You don’t need to view your past invoices any longer, the “Purchase History” icon alerts you in an instant.  We’ll soon be adding a feature identifying your Wishlist items on the Buy Page as well.  This will allow you to identify items that are in your Wishlist on the Buy Page.


Several of these features were recommended by you and your fellow members.  If you have an idea, pass it on and help improve the marketplace.  And remember to check out the site daily and you’ll be sure to improve your bottom line. Happy Swinging!


We look forward to helping you and your business thrive!


John Kello