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Newsletter-March 2018

Mar 13th, 2018

March 2018 Newsletter

From the CEO – Take our Front-End Survey

Given todays business climate and challenges facing independent pharmacies, more and more emphasis is being placed on running an efficient business without sacrificing patient services, which is what separates independents from big box chains. The rise in DIR fees, unscrupulous PBM practices, and the ever-rising cost of prescription drugs are daily challenges independents face when filling patient scripts. Navigating through these challenges takes time and focus away from an important part of your business, the front end of your pharmacy, which can be a great place to improve patient services and profitability. 

In our efforts to continuously innovate and provide solutions to help your pharmacy, we are happy to announce plans this fall to launch a multi-vendor marketplace, helping members like you to easily source unique and popular front-end merchandise. This marketplace will provide quick access to thousands of items in one easy to use e-commerce shopping experience. Product categories include but are not limited to skincare, haircare, cosmetics, essential oils, nutritional supplements, candles, and gifts. With over 5,000 members using MatchRX, we are uniquely positioned to source the top vendors, popular items, and the absolute best price for your pharmacy.

To assist in identifying and partnering with the best front-end vendors, we are asking members to complete a quick survey listing up to five of your preferred vendors (other than the big 3 wholesalers) with contact information. Include any notes you feel would be applicable regarding shipping, customer support, etc. Click here to start the survey.

We are very excited to offer a front-end marketplace to our members, demonstrating our efforts to continuously innovate and strive to help grow your business. We are passionate about independent pharmacy. Thank you in advance for your participation in our survey.


John Kello, CEO

Pharmacy News

posted on 02.26.2018

While a majority of independent community pharmacists say PBMs and insurers are not covering Tamiflu prescriptions — or not lowering their co-pays for the expensive drug — during the worst influenza season in several years, at least one PBM disputes that claim.(…read more)

posted on 02.28.2018

If you’re thinking about expanding your independent pharmacy to additional locations, congratulations. Your pharmacy business is succeeding. Revenue is coming in and your profits look solid. So, you wondering if you should ride the wave to new pharmacy waters. That’s a good question… (…read more)

posted on 03.06.2018

One of the nation’s largest health insurers said Tuesday it will begin passing on the savings it gets from discounted prescription drugs straight to the consumers that buy them. (…read more)

What’s New

Honored again in attending the Feb 28th DSCSA meeting at the FDA headquarters in Maryland! Representing 5,000+ member pharmacies.

- Mike Galloway, MatchRX COO

Helpful Hints

Tip 1: Have you checked your open postings recently?

WAC prices change over time. Quantities posted change over time. Sellers, check your open postings by visiting the Manage page > My Postings.

Why? We strive to keep the marketplace fresh and relevant. Your buyers purchase to fill scripts for patients, and are expecting to receive what was posted. Each time you update a posting the item is moved to the top of the marketplace for greater visibility.

Tip 2: Need to train someone in your pharmacy to use MatchRX?

Let us help! Contact your account representative at 877-590-0808 to train a new or existing employee to be a MatchRX power user. In less than 30 minutes we’ll review how to post an item for sale, confirm orders, pack items for shipment, and quickly search for great deals in the Marketplace. The money saved will help offset their salary.

Tip 3: There is still time for year-end housekeeping.

Check your shelves and post your overstock, short dated, and slow moving items to the marketplace. With over 5,000 members filling scripts for patients, every posting helps.

Here are some tips:

  • Check your shelves for items with a MatchRX sticker to verify current postings are accurate.
  • Run utilization reports from your pharmacy software to identify slow moving and soon to expire items. Post them to the marketplace.
  • Check your shelves for odd package sizes.

Need more MRX stickers to quickly identify posted items? They’re free, click here to request more.