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Newsletter – May 2014

May 15th, 2014


Success stories:What members have to say about MatchRX!

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What Members Have to Say About MatchRX!We want to hear your MatchRX success story. Write to us,

Share your success story and receive a gift. Members who share their success stories with us will have a chance to win a $50.00 gift basket of goodies (cookies, chocolates, etc.) for your pharmacy. We’ll also feature your pharmacy in our newsletter. How has MatchRX helped your pharmacy? How much have you’ve saved with us?  How have you used the savings?


Mark C, Westmoreland Pharmacy & Compounding

New Albany, IN

Member since: 03/06/2014

We have only been using MatchRX for about a month now. In this month, we have been able to help two patients get the medications (Stavzor(R), and Entacapone) they needed but we could not supply due to back orders through our wholesaler. In conjunction with that, we have also sold many items that we would have eaten the cost on due to it no longer being used at our facility or medications set to expire in a short time period. To date our estimated savings is just shy of $3500. I would strongly recommend using MatchRX to any independent pharmacy. Not only does it let you save money, it allows you to help with patient care by finding those hard to find medications they need as well and cut down on your inventory size.


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This month, we’d like to welcome Sandra to our stellar Customer Service team! Sandra Joined the MatchRX team a few weeks ago and we’re happy to have her. Each month we’ll feature a MatchRX teammate.

Sellers Ratings

The average Seller rating is 4.5! Our Seller rating system has been very helpful to our Buying pharmacies. Seller’s have been averaging a 4.5 out of 5 stars on MatchRX.

Why are Seller’s doing so well?

1. Many members are confirming orders on the same day an         item is sold;

2. Shipping items properly;

3. Sending items as expected; and

4. Seller’s are keeping postings current.

It’s easy to see a Seller’s rating from the buy tab, check out the second column in the marketplace. The list of items keeps growing – brand and generic. Over 50,000 items are available in the marketplace each day.

Tips & Tricks    

Tip 1:

Viewing Sellers Other Items: Prior to purchasing from a Seller, it’s easy to see a complete list of the Seller’s items by clicking on the item image in the Buy tab. A new box will appear displaying multiple tabs. Click on the “Seller’s Other Items” tab. View additional items, add to your cart and save on shipping by consolidating your order!

Tip 2:

Refrigerated Items. As the weather warms up, it’s important to package items accordingly to maintain the correct temperature for frozen/refrigerated items.

  • Double bag products if shipments contain liquids or perishables that might melt or thaw.
  • Arrange products compactly, leaving little space around the items for coolant or dry ice.
  • Place sufficient amount of coolant/dry ice in the shipment.
  • Seal properly.
  • Refrigerated items ship priority overnight Monday through Thursday.

It’s important to ship refrigerated items per Manufacturers instructions. Visit our shipping center for additional information.

Tip 3:

Posting Comments. Did you know Seller’s can post comments regarding each postings package condition? Simply roll-over the first blue icon on the Buy page. Need more information regarding the item? Click on the image and a series of tabs will open with additional information regarding, generic equivalent, Seller’s other items, and price comparisons.

From the CEO

Most members join MatchRX to relieve their pharmacy of slow moving, overstock, and soon-to-expire items.  We always say, “don’t let an item die on the shelf and hope for pennies on the dollar from your returns processor.  Sell it to another member and recover more money”. It just makes good business sense for both parties.

My question to you…….  Are you using MatchRX to purchase? With the ever-rising costs of prescription drugs combined with reimbursements at an all time low, you are missing an opportunity to save money if you do not shop the marketplace on a regular basis. Keep in mind, it is not our goal to replace your primary wholesaler. We are a service that compliments your purchasing needs. Shop MatchRX when you require one or two bottles of something, are in need of an expensive brand, or looking for items in short supply.  With over 50,000 NDC’s available on any given day, chances are you will find what you need at a great price.  The average discount on the site is 22% below prevailing WAC. Members post new items every day. If you don’t find what you need, use the Wishlist feature and we will notify you when an item is available to purchase. Think of it as your personal shopper.

Thank you for your membership.  Don’t forget to spread the word about MatchRX. With additional members comes additional buying and selling opportunities for your pharmacy.

As always, we look forward to helping you and your business thrive!

John Kello, CEO