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Newsletter – May 2018

May 10th, 2018


May 2018 Newsletter

From the CEO

Since 2011, MatchRX has been a proud corporate member of NCPA. We have worked together on a number of issues, including DSCSA dispenser-to-dispenser transactions and the disaster relief fund helping those independents impacted by the hurricane in Texas last year. We continue to work together supporting efforts that impact independent pharmacies. 

The practice of community pharmacy is under attack. PBM clawbacks, lack of price transparency, and unfair trade practices favoring large chains and related insurance companies have put unprecedented pressure on the business of locally owned pharmacies. NCPA continues to fight for community pharmacies by co-sponsoring legislation at both the federal and state levels. Below are links to five bills currently pending in Congress. I highly encourage you to take the time to review each as it relates to your pharmacy practice, and voice support to your local congressional representative.  A unified voice will make a difference. 

Pharmacy DIR fees:

  • S. 413: Supported by13 senators
  • H.R. 1038: Supported by 71 representatives 

Generic drug pricing transparency (or MAC legislation):

  • H.R. 1316: Supported by 50 representatives 

Pharmacy choice in Medicare Part D:

  • S. 1044: Supported by five senators
  • H.R. 1939: Supported by 31 representatives 

Provider status:

  • S. 109: Supported by 52 senators
  • H.R. 592: Supported by 270 representatives 


  • H.R. 2871: Supported by 47 representatives

Thank you for your continued membership and use of the MatchRX marketplace. We remain passionate about helping independent pharmacies not only survive but thrive.


John Kello, CEO

Pharmacy News

posted on 05.01.2018

If you are struggling to engage and motivate your pharmacy technicians, making some small changes can help. Here are some tips. 1. Start a Mentoring Program (…read more)

posted on 05.09.2018

President Donald Trump will announce sweeping new restrictions Friday on pharmacy-benefit managers — middlemen who negotiate drug prices with manufacturers and reimbursements to pharmacies — as part of a sweeping plan designed to lower Americans’ prescription drug costs. (…read more)

posted on 03.15.2018

Is your pharmacy’s front end producing less profit than you hoped?

Time to trade in your best-laid plans for proven planograms.

Planograms are guides for arranging retail shelves to maximize front-end sales. (…read more)

What’s New

Georgia Pharmacy Convention!

June 21-24, Omni Nashville

Helpful Hints

Tip 1: Shipping in a sturdy box is the best and only way to minimize the chance of transit damage.

A sturdy box with filler will protect your item from denting, squeezing a bottle, or popping the bottle top. DO NOT SHIP IN PADDED ENVELOPES! Remember, your box is included with other shipments in the FedEx truck, most being larger and heavier. Shifting will likely occur while in transit. We suggest the following tips when shipping:

  • Use a sturdy box and add paper to prevent the item from traveling in the box.
  • Adding cotton to the top of bottles helps prevent pills from chipping.
  • Pack all items tightly inside the box and use packing tape to seal all box flaps.
  • Do not use Express boxes for ground shipments.
  • Keep a collection of sturdy boxes in the back of your pharmacy.

Questions? call us at 877-590-0808 or email

Tip 2: Double check your items when fulfilling an order.

Sellers, when fulfilling an order, double check the NDC, lot number, expiration date, and quantities ordered to make sure it matches the packing slip. Buyers are purchasing items to fill scripts for their patients. Any shipping mistakes will cause a delay in dispensing, and may result in the patient going to another pharmacy.

Tip 3: Have you checked your open postings recently?

WAC prices change over time. Quantities posted change over time. Sellers, check your open postings on a regular basis by visiting the Manage page > My Postings.

Why? We strive to keep the marketplace fresh and relevant. Your buyers purchase to fill scripts for patients, and are expecting to receive what was posted. Each time you update a posting the item is moved to the top of the marketplace for greater visibility.

Need more MRX stickers to quickly identify posted items? They’re free, click here to request more.