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Newsletter-October 2019

Oct 2nd, 2019


October 2019 Newsletter

From the CEO

Late last month, it was no surprise that the FDA issued new guidance granting a 12 month extension to the wholesalers saleable returns requirement of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). Industry feedback sent to the FDA over the past three months was that wholesalers were not ready. The original deadline was November 27th, but with this extension, it will not be enforced until November 27, 2020. This extension only applies to enforcement discretion for the requirement of a wholesaler to verify with the manufacturer the product identifier (transaction history) of all salable drugs returned, BEFORE they are redistributed (resold to dispensers).

In our opinion, the most important part of the guidance is where the FDA lists what is NOT covered by the enforcement discretion. One of these items specifies what must be included when a wholesaler accepts a return for an in-dated item that will ultimately be resold:

“Further, beginning November 27, 2019, wholesale distributors must only accept returned product from a dispenser or repackager if the wholesale distributor can associate returned product with the transaction information and transaction statement associated with that product”.

Although wholesalers have another year to get their verification systems in place with the manufacturers, they are still required beginning November 27, 2019 to tighten up the required paperwork from a dispenser for any in-dated product returns. The days of placing all of your in-dated returns into a box without copies of the transaction information and transaction statement related to each item are quickly going away. In other words, returning in-dated product to your wholesaler will now require more administrative work on your part to comply to documentation requirements. In addition, due to the increased requirements being placed on wholesalers to be able to resell these items, we fully expect return policies to become even more restrictive in the coming months.

Wholesaler returns are a normal business practice with every pharmacy. Due to the DSCSA and track and trace requirements, returning qualified product for credit will prove to be even more challenging. As a member of MatchRX, you have the choice to avoid document hunting, restrictive return policies / restocking fees, and easily sell your in-dated overstock to another independent. Not only will you earn more – up to 90% of current WAC, you will be paid faster, while helping another independent fill a script for a patient. Over 6,000 independents use MatchRX. We encourage you to make MatchRX an everyday part of your pharmacy operations.

John Kello, CEO

New Features/Functionality Coming With MatchRX 3.0

MatchRX Buyers will be able to shop up to five Sellers at once in a single cart session. Faster, easier, and much less work. Everything you want in an upgrade.

Coming soon with 3.0!

Pharmacy News

posted on 09.23.2019

When pharmacists Kevin and Brandi McCullough arrived at Evans Drug in 2006, the rural pharmacy had three computers and dispensed all of its pills the old-fashioned way: with a pair of human hands. Since purchasing the pharmacy in 2011, the McCulloughs upgraded to 20 computers and installed two fully automatic robots that handle 70 percent of its prescriptions.

Those robots—ScriptPro SP 200 and ScriptPro CRS 150—helped to nearly quadruple their business. “There was a limit to what we could do before,” Kevin said. “Anything above that we were going to increase risk of mistakes, time to fill. We can handle more growth now because of the robotics.” (…read more)

posted on 09.28.2019

Although millennials may seem to have a greater investment in health and wellness than generations before them, findings from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) suggest millennials will be substantially less healthy as they age.

The report defines the following as the top 10 conditions affecting millennials, ranked by adverse health impact:

  1. Major depression
  2. Substance use disorder
  3. Alcohol use disorder
  4. Hypertension
  5. Hyperactivity
  6. Psychotic conditions
  7. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis
  8. High cholesterol
  9. Tobacco use disorder
  10. Type 2 diabetes (…read more)

posted on 09.05.2019

They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes. Perhaps one of the greatest uncertainties is the drug pipeline—though there are many drugs in the pipeline at any one time, drugs that actually make it all the way through to market are rare.

To help make sense of what to look forward to in the pipeline—what’s exciting, what’s not, what might actually be coming out, OptumRx analyzed the Q3 pipeline in their OptumRx Drug Pipeline Insights Report. They identified five drugs they expect the FDA to review and approve in coming months that could make the biggest impact on the market, looking at clinical quality, effectiveness, and cost. (…read more)

Free webinars now available through FDA

The FDA’s Division of Drug Information in the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research sponsors a free series of one-hour educational webinars targeting the needs of pharmacists and other health care professionals. A dozen recorded webinars are available online now; live webinars start in October. Get more information here.

Helpful Hints

Tip 1: Contacts, emails, and phone numbers.

Reviewing your account information is simple, quick, and important. Next time you login, verify your list of authorized contacts. Review and update contact names, email addresses, notification preferences, and cell phone numbers. Don’t hesitate to add your accountant or any other person that is authorized to inquire about your account. MatchRX customer service agents will only work with authorized individuals.

How do I update my profile?

  1. Login and click on the Manage Tab.
  2. Click on “My Profile” > “Contacts Manager”
  3. Add or edit a contact

Tip 2: Need to train someone in your pharmacy on using MatchRX?

Let us help you! Contact your account representative at 877-590-0808 to train a new or existing employee to use the MatchRX marketplace. In less than 20 minutes, we’ll show your employee how to post an item, manage open postings, confirm orders, and buy from the marketplace. Using MatchRX every day will improve your cash flow and profit per script. Need a refresher? Call us. We’re happy to quickly review any area of the marketplace.

Tip 3: Postings. Postings. Postings.

Sellers – how many scripts do you have to fill to recover the money lost when a drug expires on your shelf? Expired drugs equate to lost profits. Post your overstock, short dated, and odd package sizes to MatchRX and sell them to a fellow independent that needs it to fill a script. Posting is fast and easy.

Here are a few tips to help manage your postings:

  • Use the complimentary MatchRX stickers to track what you’ve posted. Order more here.
  • Assign a tech to help track all your sales made in the marketplace.
  • Post multiple items at a time. When a Buyer adds one of your items to the cart, the marketplace will automatically display the rest of your open postings to help the buyer identify additional items and save on shipping.

We’re here to help. If you have any questions about posting, buying, shipping, MatchMoney, or need to train a staff member of your pharmacy, call us at 877-590-0808.

Need assistance? Our team is happy to help.

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