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1) FedEx Small Pak
- Ideal for most prescription drugs.
- Free of charge at any FedEx Kinko’s or FedEx Drop Box location.
- Tear and water-resistant.
- 10-1/4” x 12-3/4”

2) If packing in a box, use corrugated
- Use your own boxes for shipping via FedEx Ground and FedEx 2 day. FedEx Express packaging is for express shipments only.
- Use only sturdy boxes with all flaps intact.
- For heavier or frozen/refrigerated/dry items use double-wall boxes.
- If you’re reusing a box, make sure there are no holes, tears or corner dents and remove old labels.

3) Cushion the inside of package
- Cushioning materials can include molded foam cushioning material (like “peanuts”), densely packed shredded paper or plastic bubble cushioning. Corrugated fiberboard pads are good for blocking and bracing contents to avoid shifting during shipping.
- Pack with a minimum of 2-3 inches of packing material all the way around your prescription drug(s).
- If shipping multiple prescription drugs, wrap each item separately and place cushioning between them.
- Be sure to include a signed packing checklist before sealing.

4) Seal your package securely
- Tape seams end to end with packing tape that is at least 2 inches wide.
- Use pressure sensitive packing tape, water activated paper tape or water-activated reinforced tape.
- Don’t use masking tape, cellophane tape or string to seal package. Don’t wrap your box with paper.
- Always secure the pre-paid FedEx shipping label provided by MatchRX on the box/package.
- The pre-paid FedEx shipping label assigned to your order will generate automatically at the time you confirm the order. If it fails to generate, or if you’ve lost, torn, or damaged the shipping label, you can reprint it at any time. Always use an official FedEx envelope to ship your FedEx Priority Overnight“ or FedEx Express Saver“ (2 day). FedEx envelopes are also available free of charge at any FedEx Kinko’s or FedEx Drop Box location. DO NOT USE FEDEX ENVELOPES WHEN SHIPPING VIA FedEx Ground®.

5) Frozen/refrigerated/dry items
- Refrigerate/freeze products prior to packaging per manufacturer’s guidelines.
- Pre-cool the expanded polystyrene (EPS) container.
- Double bag products if shipment contains liquid or perishables that might melt or thaw.
- Arrange products compactly, but leave space around the items for coolant/dry ice.
- Place sufficient amount of coolant/dry ice in the insulated container on to of and around the products.
- Seal properly.

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