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Association Testimonials

Nov 27th, 2011
“MatchRx is an innovative inventory technology advantage available to pharmacy business owners. We believe in the services provided by MatchRx because we recognize the competitive differentiators offered through their model. MatchRx facilitates an exchange environment to buy and sell overstocked prescription drugs at discounted prices. Pharmacy owners who want a new way to lower operational expenses can take advantage of this resourceful service. PharmacyGPO will make everyone of our member pharmacies aware of this inventory technology advantage.” - PharmacyGPO Inc. Executive Director, Todd S. Eury
Innovative tools like are critical to the survival of the independent pharmacist. Managing inventory is one of the quickest and easiest ways to affect your bottom line in today’s challenged market.”  -Henry “Hank” Fuhs, Chairman of the Michigan Pharmacy Grassroots PAC
“Our members that are using the MatchRX site are excited about using this innovative tool. They are telling me that it’s easy to use and the savings are great.” - Inga Hunter, Director of Membership, Alabama Pharmacy Association
“I’ve viewed the MatchRX website with John Kello, the CEO. It’s easy to use and our members can save thousands of dollars every month using the site just a few minutes a day. Many APA members are already members of MatchRX and I recommend you register and start taking advantage of this great new tool.”  -Mark Riley, Executive Vice President, Arkansas Pharmacists Association
“MatchRX has many applications from eliminating overstock to finding meds at tremendous discounts. This is a real innovative concept. It exceeded my expectations.”  -Thomas Temple, Executive Director, IPA
“MatchRX has taken the local trade between neighboring pharmacists and expanded it across the US.  They’ve really taken the time to develop a tool for independents to help manage inventory more efficiently.”  -Mike Patton, Executive Director, Illinois Pharmacists Association
“If I had a retail pharmacy I would implement MatchRX into my daily routine. Who couldn’t use a couple thousand dollars a month to reinvest into their business?”  -Julie K. Johnson, Executive Vice President, MPhA
“I’ve hear nothing but great things from Mississippi pharmacists using MatchRX.  After I viewed the site, I could see why they were getting such high praise. Register your pharmacy to start saving today.”  -Eugene O”Donnell, Executive Director, MPhA
‘I encourage our members to take advantage of this opportunity to improve profits through buying and selling overstocks, MatchRX provides a unique inventory management tool essential for independent pharmacy.”  -Dianne Miller, COO, Michigan Pharmacists Association / Pharmacy Services Inc.
“They’ve created a tool that will be a great benefit to the financial health of our pharmacists.”  -Sue Schaefer, Executive Director, SDPhA
“They’ve taken the time to do their homework before they launched MatchRX, and it shows.  They’ve created an easy to use system that can have a significant impact on the profitability of your pharmacy.”  -Tim Musselman, Executive Director,  VPhA
“It’s important for the survival of our independent pharmacists to utilize tools like MatchRX.  Improving inventory efficiency by eliminating overstock is necessary to flourish in these challenging times.”  -Richard Stevevens, Executive Director,  WVPA
“If you haven;t heard about them or seen what they do, you should really take a closer look.  This online marketplace makes a lot of sense.”  -Kara Beech, Executive Director,  Wyoming Pharmacists Association
“I suggest everyone check out MatchRX.  The online marketplace can have a significant impact on your bottom line.”  -Mel Brodsky, CEO of Keystone Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance