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Member Testimonials

Aug 30th, 2018

“We never turn away a patient for the expense of having to order a medication or for a partial fill of an expensive medication. In recent years it has been increasingly difficult to do this due to diminishing margins and the appearance of more competition. Match has given us the tools to continue to offer all medications to our customers without incurring a loss due to an expensive partial that would have otherwise remained on the shelf until expiration.” -Holt’s Pharmacy


“We love MatchRx! We are always fighting low margins and this is a great way to combat them. It also has been wonderful to use when we need NDC specific medications or Brand names that aren’t single source. We are able to pass those savings on to our patient. We stand out in the Community as a pharmacy that can get hard to find items.” -Blue River Pharmacy


“Hello, I just wanted to take this time to talk about how MatchRX has really benefited us. Being a small independent pharmacy, MatchRX has allowed me to manage our inventory better then ever. We are able to save money not only by selling off left over medications, but we can purchase smaller, quantities to fill a prescription, which helps us save in inventory costs . In addition to saving us money, MatchRX has become another source for me to find medications that are out of stock. MatchRX has been truly a life saver for our pharmacy, and we are truly grateful for your tremendous service!” -Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

“MatchRX has been a wonderful source to reduce our overstock! We love the customer service representatives. They are so friendly and very helpful. MatchRX has been very accommodating with our Wishlist. We are a small pharmacy and when a brand name is needed, MatchRX has delivered! The prices are awesome!! Thanks so much for being an integral part of our business!” -Budget Pharmacy

“MatchRX has helped us significantly as we had inventories that were close to expiring and we were able to use MatchRX to sell the product rather than taking a total loss. For patients who preferred certain manufacture for a medicine, we were able to find it at MatchRX. MatchRX is our go to place when we can’t find something through our primary wholesaler. We knew MatchRX would have an answer for us.” -Community Rx Pharmacy

“Multiple pharmacy owners told us to investigate MatchRX and it was the best decision we could have made! Within one month, we accumulated almost $3,000 back into the pharmacy which would have otherwise been lost. It is a great tool to help get rid of some things you are no longer needing, while providing other pharmacies with the opportunity to get what they need at lower costs.” -Good Life Pharmacy #3

“MatchRX facilitates the perfect win-win situation by allowing a particular item to be relocated to someone who needs it most and helping the seller to free up cash to buy products they will use.” -Brown Drug Company

“MatchRX helps our pharmacy.  With PBM pricing strategies, MatchRX allows us to make more in our profit margin. In many cases the copays were lowered for patients as well.” -Village Pharmacy

“MatchRX has been very helpful to us as a pharmacy. We have one patient on a med that was unavailable from our wholesaler at the time it was needed, and we were able to purchase it on MatchRX for our patient at a great price. Thank you.” -Jamestown Pharmacy

“Our Pharmacy has only been a member of MatchRX for about a month and we are pleased with the results. MatchRX provided a way to sell prescription drugs that we may not be able to return to our wholesalers for credit. We look forward to receiving a text letting us know we have sold another item. Our Pharmacy has also used MatchRX to locate prescriptions drugs that are not available through our wholesalers for our customers which is another great service for us. We are happy to be a part of the MatchRX program and would recommend this service to any independent pharmacy.” -Rodger’s Pharmacy

“ I was on MatchRX’s site for the first time with my rep. He was familiarizing me with the site. By the time I listed a drug to sell and even before we hung up the phone, the drug sold.  I was amazed. I now listed more overstocked drugs to sell that have been laying on my shelf. Love this site.” -Primeaid Pharmacy of Newark

“MatchRX has been able to help us locate small quantities of seldom used drugs on several occasions. We have had a couple of drugs where all our distributors were out of stock, but we were able to find the drug from another pharmacy.” -Herrin Drug

“We recently needed Bupropion 300 mg XL, our wholesaler was out of all sizes and manufactures. Thanks to MatchRX we were able to purchase a bottle for our patient. Thank you MatchRX for saving the day!” -Downtown  Drug

“We have been using MatchRX since April 2018. MatchRX has definitely helped us clean up our inventory to be more specific for our patients. Additionally, we have a patient who must inject enoxaparin 150mg daily. MatchRX has been our main source for purchasing this expensive medication at a much better price. MatchRX has become a vital resource for our pharmacy that we take advantage of daily. Lastly, the customer service team at MatchRX is superior.” -Village Discount Drugs

“MatchRX has been a great business decision for our pharmacy! While on the phone going through the tutorial and setting up our account we sold an expensive drug that had been sitting on the shelf for quite some time! Just that fast! We went on to sell more in the next few months. These were drugs that would have expired on our shelves and would have been sent out to the reverse distributor for only a small portion of credit, if any. We can also shop for name brand drugs to purchase for our patients at a savings, and this has been helpful in keeping our generic rates higher with our main supplier. The process is so easy and quick. I have never had an issue with a drug not being sent, or any shipping or payment issues on drugs going out. All the drugs we received were as described, counts correct. Thank you MatchRX for a wonderful service! I only wish I had signed up sooner!” -Neiman’s Family Pharmacy

“ At the first of the year an insurance company that would send customers to us to get their Humira, decided not to use retail pharmacies anymore. Since we had several customers on this medication, we had 2 boxes in stock. We tried to return this medication to our distribution center, but they said we could not return them. It was against our contract with them. They said we could wait until they expired and send them back to the manufacture (the Humira didn’t expire for 2 years). This is such a waste – an expensive medication sitting in our refrigerator waiting to expire just so we could send it back to the manufacture and hopefully receive half of what we paid for it. That is when we heard of a company that sold drugs between pharmacies. It was MatchRX. We investigated the company, found it had a solid record of doing great business for over 9 years, with an A rating with the BBB, so we decided to give it a shot. We sold both Humira boxes the first day (about 2 hours after) I put it on the MatchRX site. Naturally, we were a little skeptical. Really, the first day? We thought, okay, this is a scam. Three days later the money posted to our account. It was fantastic. We have posted and sold several medications the past 3 months.  Our only regret is that we did not find out about MatchRX sooner.” -Taylor Drug

“A peer told me about MatchRX and his pharmacy rarely experiencing out of date medications.  I decided to join.  As soon as I started posting items for sale, they were purchased by other pharmacies that needed those items for a patient script.  My owners are very thankful for MatchRX.  This is truly a win-win for everyone.  I’m so thankful for the opportunity to pass along the medications I can no longer use and purchase the medications I need from other independent pharmacies in the same situation.” -River Drive Pharmacy

“MatchRX has been a very helpful and convenient resource for both our pharmacy and patients in savings and providing medications in a rapid way. We are happy to be a vital part of MatchRX.” -Starr Pharmacy

“There have been multiple times that a product for a patient was not available through our primary wholesaler or secondary wholesaler. We were able to order the product through MatchRX and fill for the patient.” -Fort Williams Pharmacy

“MatchRX has been instrumental in helping independent pharmacies stay competitive. Losing money to expired or unused medication is nonnegotiable in a smaller pharmacy where every dollar matters. We try to update our “sell” list every month when going through our shelves. It has not only saved our pharmacy $1000′s of dollars but we know we are helping other pharmacies serve their patients with hard to find, or expensive medications!” -Grace Pharmacy

“We love using MatchRX. We have found that it helps our bottom line by selling the meds we are no longer using at way more than we would get if they expired. Also, we benefit on the buy side. We all have that one patient who is on an infrequently used medication. We can help other pharmacies by buying their stock and we help ourselves by getting a good price. Our patients benefit during shortages. I often find medications on MatchRX that are being shorted through wholesalers.” -Davy Crockett Drug

“MatchRX has been a great source to find things that are unavailable through normal outlets. It also gives us the ability to find better cost on that unusual one-time prescription for a high dollar medication that we don’t want to stock on our shelves on a regular basis.” -Jones Drug Store

“MatchRX helped our pharmacy by distributing the medications we no longer needed due to patients no longer being prescribed the drug(s). MatchRX saved us thousands of dollars that may have gone to waste had it not been for this system. Thank you, MatchRX!” -Ex Express Pharmacy

“MatchRX is an absolute GREAT help in moving some of my items that are sitting on the shelf taking up space and bringing in no money. Indeed, MatchRX has helped me sell some brand name as well as generic drugs with clean satisfaction on our side as well as the buyer. Saving lives every day and helping patients get their prescriptions filled makes us happy. Thank you MatchRX for helping all independent pharmacies reach our goals.” -Watson City Drug

“MatchRX is a lovely tool that we frequently use when we are in a tight spot on finding a specific for our patients. MatchRX is a great way to help our inventory costs and is a very beneficial site for independent pharmacies!” -Wasem’s Drug

“Great!!!” -Banks Apothecary

“I joined the Select Pharmacy team in August 2017 as their inventory specialist. At the time, Select had just merged with another pharmacy and was beginning to concentrate on assisted living facilities, while transitioning away from retail and skilled nursing clientele. An unfortunate side effect of this transition was a large surplus of unneeded medication – things that our new customers simply did not use. We were able to return a significant portion of that surplus to our primary supplier, but we were limited to long-dated drugs. Reverse distribution wasn’t the ideal option, as we were not able to wait for the lengthy reimbursement process for the remaining fraction of creditable returns. MatchRX seemed like the perfect solution. Having a background with a hospital and clinic system where one – and only one – pharmacy supplier was permitted, I was pleasantly surprised to find out about MatchRX from my trainer at Select. The online system is easy to learn and use, and with a little practice, I was posting items regularly.  MatchRX has been our business’s lifeline in its first critical years. While occasionally making purchases from MatchRX sellers, Select has benefitted most by recovering funds that might otherwise have been lost due to outdated drugs. Our shelves are lean and mean, with minimal stagnation, thanks to the community of buyers who need the items that we don’t.” -Select Pharmacy

“I will generally only use MatchRX on items that I regularly lose money on, some meds upwards of $100.  I can now make a very generous profit by purchasing from MatchRX. These are usually the same meds, so i can keep an eye on purchasing them ahead of time, and from multiple pharmacies to get the best deal.” -Country Care Pharmacy

“MatchRX is just a dream come true.  Some insurances pay less than cost.  I have found a lot of drugs on MatchRX at a lower cost for my patients.  Best of all, MatchRX makes sure the drugs we buy are clean, and with good dating.  Thank you for saving money and lives.” -Winfield Drugs

“Since being on MatchRX I have be able to thin my inventory in the course of about 1 year and it has increased my cash flow tremendously. Thank you MatchRX.” -Adams Pharmacy

“Since becoming a member of MatchRX, the best use that we have had is the ability to sell the unused prescription drugs that we have on the shelf. These drugs have sat on our shelf and we have been unable to use them. In the past we would have the unused products expire and we would receive very little back from the manufacturers. In the first couple of months since joining MatchRX, we have been able to sell some products and have been able to receive more money for our pharmacy than if they had sat on the shelf and expired. MatchRX has been a valuable asset to our pharmacy and we would recommend it to other independent pharmacies because of the benefits members receive. It is an essential business to all pharmacies especially when you want to get the best for your buck. The staff of MatchRX are extremely helpful in every aspect of the business. Thank you MatchRX!” -Rose Drug of Dover

“MatchRX helped me save tons of money on the purchasing side and it has helped me sell some inventory that I was no longer using. Before using MatchRX, I’d have to wait until close to expiration before I could send it off to my reverse distributor to hopefully get credit from the manufacturer. Now I have more control and will get paid right away for what I can sell on MatchRX. What I can’t return to the manufacturer, another pharmacy could use. For example, someone may have brand name Seroquel and Medicaid only covers the brand.  Well it works out for me because I’ll be buying it at a lower price than I’d get it from my wholesaler. The drugs that I’ve received are in good shape. I’ve been vert happy purchasing and selling with MatchRX. I’ve sold things so quickly and get excited when I get their text notification of a sale.” -Medicine Shoppe

“MatchRX has made a huge impact recently on helping me decrease the amount of money we had tied up in inventory. As a new graduate I’ve discovered how important it is to keep a tight inventory in our independent pharmacy. I also feel like MatchRX has made it possible for me to stay within my ordering budget, which the pharmacy owner has really noticed. I can’t thank MatchRX enough for helping our pharmacy continue to operate at its best!” -Old Town Pharmacy

“MatchRX is helping our pharmacy with a great solution to our dead stock problem. It’s a win-win for both pharmacies! I have been in charge of our MatchRX account for 4.5 years.  I am super proud and happy with our relationship with MatchRX!” -Union Avenue Pharmacy

“MatchRx has been great! I have had several occasions where I have needed a small quantity of a certain med and the only way to take care of my patient would be to order a bottle of 100, at which point I would have 75% left over. This allows me to take care of my patient without making lots of phone calls or sending them to another pharmacy or placing an order for much more than I need. In addition, I had several different meds that patients were previously on and their medications were changed. Which meant I had some dead stock. I sold them on MatchRX. It’s nice to know that inventory is going to someone that needs it. I have really been surprised at how much we have used MatchRX. It’s a great concept, works really, really well and is a Win- Win all the way around. I would definitely recommend MatchRX!” -Lula Pharmacy & Foothills Gift Shop

“MatchRX has saved our pharmacy about $17,000 in the past 8 months by giving us the ability to post our leftover or overstocked medications online for sale to other pharmacies. MatchRX is a good source for hard-to-find medications that may be on manufacturer back order with wholesalers as well as a good source to check for short dated medications that are marked down tremendously from the normal price. The customer service does their job very well by calling us right away if there are any problems with an order or sale. All in all, MatchRX is a great resource to utilize in your day to day inventory practices. You are losing money if you don’t.” -Innovative Pharmaceutical Solutions Group

“We’ve been able to sell almost $20,000 in unneeded medication since signing up with MatchRX 7 months ago.” -Corner Drug Co

“MatchRX has helped both our pharmacy and numerous patients. Our pharmacy was helped many times by not having to buy a full bottle of an expensive medication that we rarely dispense, and many patients were able to get a drug that had been in short supply but we were able to find on MatchRX! We also were able to find drugs at a lesser cost which turned our insurance negative into a positive! One case in particular was a patient who needed Trokendi which was on back-order from the supplier. We were able to find it on MatchRX and our patient was very grateful!” -Hayat Pharmacy #5

“We love MatchRX’s user friendly site making it easy to sell and/or buy hard to find medications for our patients. MatchRX has an awesome customer service. Always friendly and prompt in addressing every issue and delivery service on point! Thank you!” -Goodykoontz Drug Store

“MatchRX helps us save so much money.  It also helped us find a back-ordered medication that saved our customers life. Our pharmacy can sell medication that we no longer use which helps with the bottom line. Thank you so much MatchRX!” -Vitacare Pharmacy

“We are able to find items for our patient that may be hard to find for a less expensive price.” -Healthfirst Pharmacy

“It is a great service that help us to save a lot of money!” - Healthco Pharmacy

“MatchRX has helped our pharmacy in a multitude of ways since we started using it. We were able to quickly clear many opened bottles of expensive medications off of our shelves and recoup a large portion of the cost. In fact, we made our first sale in the middle of the training session! In these times when budgets are always getting tighter, MatchRX has helped us to keep our inventory lean and free of waste. At the same time, we have been able to save thousands by purchasing many drugs through MatchRX. In multiple cases the product from our wholesaler cost more than our reimbursement, and we would have had to take a loss without the option of finding the same thing on MatchRX. We have also been able to track down specific NDC’s for patients who wanted to avoid changing the manufacturer of their drugs due to the sensitive nature of their illness (e.g. epilepsy, Parkinson’s). Thanks to MatchRX we are able to keep their NDC in stock and prevent a potential disruption in therapy. Signing up for MatchRX was one of the best decisions our pharmacy has made in years!” -Harvest Drug and Gift

“MatchRX continues to help us during drug shortages and patient brand specific generic needs. Plus MatchRX improves our bottom line on short dated returns before they are outdated.” -City Drug Store

“GREAT SAVINGS!” -Bell Rx Discount Pharmacy

“This has been the best site ever for myself and the pharmacy I work for. I love that when we have inventory that is needing to be moved off our shelves, we have an option. I am the manager here and love doing things that will save money in the long run. Thank you MatchRX!” -Winfield Drugs

“Help to get smaller quantities at a lower price.” -Washington Valley Pharmacy LLC

“We have used MatchRX for several years. Many times we only needed a few tablets to complete a one time fill for an ‘odd’ drug that we only had a few on hand and did not want to order a full bottle. MatchRX is the place to look for those hard to find items! I appreciate that they do not process controlled medications. The help desk is always very helpful and eager to answer any questions we have.” -Van Pharmacy

“MatchRX is the best. Helped me to get money for old, unused, ordered by mistake and near expire medication… Thanks MatchRX.” -Sheefa Pharmacy


“It saves us a lot of money and we can sell meds that our patients aren’t on anymore.” -Richard Gillespie Pharmacy

“I use MatchRX to both buy and sell products. On the BUY side, I can often find either a product that is difficult to find in the market at the moment and bridge a supply gap, plus I can buy at a discount. I recently only needed 1 tablet Viagra 100 and didn’t want to spend nearly $2000 for a full bottle (especially with all the generics out now for cheap!). On the SELL side, I have been able to reduce my DEAD STOCK inventory significantly, especially in the BRANDS which are more expensive to begin with. Only about 46% of all of my expired returns do I ever actually get a payment for, so I am happy to take an upfront discount and  move those products out before they expire, getting them off my shelf and money back in my bank. Thanks MatchRX!” -Reed Family Pharmacy

“We have a patient on a unique dose of a drug that was on backorder nationwide.  We quickly scanned MatchRX and found some.  The selling pharmacy confirmed and shipped the order ASAP and we were able to keep the patient out of an expensive hospital stay.  Easy to use and secure.  Thanks again!” -North  Warren Pharmacy

“By using MatchRX, we are able to reduce the number of unused bottles/packages sitting on our shelves and use the credit from those items to purchase items that we are dispensing today. As cognizant as we are regarding not ordering items that we don’t anticipate using, there are items that we stock for immediate dispensing upon receiving prescription orders. However, there will always be some items that fall outside the return window with our wholesaler, and we would rather not be penalized a steep restocking fee, but at the same time, we would rather not have our dollars sitting on the shelf for several months (or years) until we are able to submit them for reverse distribution. MatchRX helps us to optimize our bottom line.” -Monarch Pharmacy

“MatchRX is such an incredible resource! It has gotten us out of binds many times and it saves so much money! MatchRX is a great resource when vendors set minimums for orders or if there is an order for an uncommon dispensed item in our pharmacy. We will gladly continue to use MatchRX for the time and financial savings.” -Medstar Pharmacy

“I have saved a lot this year with my MatchRX purchases. It’s especially helpful when I’m looking for an expensive brand name items and I don’t want to buy a full bottle. Many times the seller will have a partial bottle available. I can purchase a small amount and even pay less per unit of what I’d buy from my wholesaler.” -Medicine Shoppe Hutchinson

“I can find affordable medicine for my patient, otherwise  my patient do not get medicine.” -IBN Sina Pharmacy

“I just purchased this pharmacy a few months ago. The inventory had a lot of merchandise that I could not use. MatchRX made it very easy for me to find other pharmacies that could use my overstocked merchandise. It was very easy to sell my overstocked merchandise.” -Halcyon Pharmacy

“Matchrx helped the pharmacy and our patients a lot because sometimes we don’t have the quantity of the medication that the patient ordered, so we will just get it from MatchRX. Also, if the patient ordered a partial bottle from a medication, it will save us a lot of money which is really helpful.” -Glendale Pharmacy

“In 2015, when I joined the team here at Express Specialty Pharmacy as the Pharmacist-in-Charge, there were a few issues that were affecting our bottom line. By far one of the biggest hurdles we had to squarely confront was inventory. During the cleanup process we realized that there were many high dollar/overstock drugs that did not meet the wholesaler’s requirement for return. I remembered at my previous pharmacy we used MatchRX mostly as an ordering tool to prevent ordering odd numbers of especially high dollar drugs and hard to find items; from time to time we would sell drugs that had no movement at all. I shared my experience with the staff and we decided to open a MatchRX account. We posted all the drugs that met the requirement and let me tell you, it felt like Christmas every time we got an email saying, “Posting Sold”. Since 2015, we have sold exactly $24,704.47 in dead inventory. What a turnaround. Thanks, MatchRX. You saved the day!” -Express Specialty Pharmacy

“It has been very helpful when we cannot get a medication that a patient desperately needs. It has also helped us sell medications that we no longer use, having the same effect on patients for other pharmacies.” -Dahls Pharmacy of Carsons

-”We were finally able to get rid of EXPENSIVE open bottles from 2 years ago that we ordered for patients that never refilled.” -Choice Compounding Pharmacy

“MatchRX is one of the best tools to optimize your pharmacy business. I believe every new Independent pharmacy should be introduced to MatchRX and the benefit it provides to properly manage the inventory.  You can reduce your cost for brand name medication by purchasing them at MatchRX and sell your underutilized medication to pharmacies that might need them for a specific patient need. This is a brilliant service that keeps the inventory cost in check, and we know inventory cost is everything in Independent pharmacy business.” -Benzer Pharmacy

“MatchRX has helped us in getting our inventory into shape.” -Atlas Meds Pharmacy

“Dear MatchRX,

We are a small, family-owned retail pharmacy from small town, Wisconsin! Getting the chance to participate in MatchRX has affected us and our patients in so many different and wonderful ways. Our most recent and fondest memories we had was with one of our younger patients. Our normal supplier was unable to provide us with the much needed drug. We were rather worried as the young boy’s time to refill was quickly approaching and the expected return date of the drug was drawing farther and farther away. Seeing this, a pharmacist and technician quickly took to the web on MatchRX. They shortly found their drug need and was shipped just the next day! Only two days after ordering, the mother called in the boy’s prescription. What a close call! When the mother came to pick up the drug, we explained the matter and she let out a sigh of relief. We all were so grateful to be enrolled in the MatchRX program.

We also get the chance to help other patients all around the country. We sell drugs to other pharmacies almost weekly and take great pride in providing others help with their needs. We have been able to maintain an awesome seller rating too! We love getting the email that a posting has sold, and getting to tally up all of our totals as well as the thoughts of being able to help other small pharmacies.”  -Cloee A., Degen Berglund Onalask

“MatchRX is a no-brainer!  We’ve sold thousands of dollars of drugs since we joined in July, 2014. It’s exciting to get a text from MatchRX advising that we’ve had another sale! With MatchRX it’s easy to list and update our drugs for sale and also to find medications we need.  MatchRX has helped us take care of patients while helping other independent pharmacies sell unneeded stock. One example is a patient who was prescribed Levetiracetam ER 750 mg.  Our wholesaler was out and our patient was desperate. A pharmacy selling through MatchRX had it and we received the medicine at a fair price in time to take care of our patient.  Moexepril HCL 15 mg is another example of a patient required drug our wholesale company could not get.  MatchRX came through for us again!” -Cheryl B., Cabot Pharmacy

“MatchRX really help our patients because at times medications are really expensive for the patient and we can get a cheaper price from MatchRX. Whenever we are looking for a medication we check MatchRX first. Thank you for your service! ” -Armya M., Glendale Pharmacy

“We have a patient that needs a specific brand of Carbamazepine ER caps that we have been unable to get from any of our wholesalers. For the last several months I have been buying them on MatchRX. I don’t know what we would do if we didn’t have MatchRX in these situations.” -Jennifer T., Streus Pharmacy LTC

“MatchRX helped not just one of our patients but three of our patients. We recently ran out of the generic medication Dyazide and we couldn’t reorder from our wholesaler because the medication was on manufacturer back-order. We were able to order five bottles of one-hundred count bottles and give the patients their medication before they ran out. Thanks MacthRX.” -Kayla H., Our Family Pharmacy

“MatchRX has been a huge help for our store. Until recently, we’ve had one primary wholesaler. Everything we purchased, we purchased through them. If they were out of stock of a drug we needed, we had two options. We could pay exorbitant fees to have them ship something across the nation, or purchase it at a loss from another pharmacy. With MatchRX, it’s like we have access to another warehouse! We’ve purchased drugs that were out of stock completely for our patients, and saved money doing it! A particular benefit of MatchRX is partial bottles. We had a particular short term order for a patient, for a drug we’ve never carried. Our wholesaler only sell these items in cases, and we needed less than half that! On a whim, we dropped the NDC into MatchRX, and the drug popped right up, with the exact quantity we needed, and at a discount to boot! We look forward to having more opportunities like this as MatchRX grows!” – Ben K., Wellness Concepts

“MatchRX has been a blessing to a number of our patients.  Many of our patients are on particular drugs that recently had supply issues from the manufacturers, therefore not being in stock with our wholesaler. The worst thing is finding out your wholesaler doesn’t have the drug in stock, and having to tell your patient that you can’t fill their prescription. When that happens, it is great to know that you can search for that drug on MatchRX.  Now we can continue filling the prescription and keep our patients healthy. Thank you MatchRX!” – Daniel R., Byard-Mercer Pharmacy

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“I’ve been using MatchRX since last September and it’s been phenomenal. My goals were to increase inventory management and increasing our profit. One of the first things I purchased was a special order item for someone, they needed a brand name drug and my primary wholesaler did not stock it.  I found it on MatchRX for a discount! MatchRX is a game changer for independent pharmacy owners.” -Brook W., Geraldine Drugs

“MatchRX has played a vital part in the supply of medications for our patients.  When items are hard to find, overpriced in the marketplace, or you need a smaller quantity than the stock size bottle, you can usually find it on MatchRX.  And with the ability to sell your unused inventory to other pharmacies that have patient needs for that medication, you can lower your inventory levels. Thank you MatchRX for helping us be more successful!” -Brian S., Pharmacy Care

“MatchRX has made helped improve our inventory. Selling partial stock of unused items, purchasing partial stock bottles to fill 1 expensive Rx, purchasing overstock for deep discounts, and overall helping us stay competitive. They have handled the DCSA changes effectively and continue to always be there for members needs.” Thomas G., Medicine Shoppe

“Insurance company would not cover. I pass my match discount along to those in need.” -Brian W., Delmar Pharmacy

“Several times my Wholesaler has ran out of a medication and I’ve been able to search MatchRX and find it still available! What a lifesaver!” -Lenny F., Lenny’s Richfield Family Pharmacy

“We are fairly new to MatchRX. We have been nothing short of excited to be using this service. The staff and the policies facilitates a seamless process. thanks for the service!” -Asim J., RX Pharmacy

“I had a patient who was in need of generic Maxalt ODT.  My primary and secondary suppliers were unable to obtain the medication for my patient. When I searched MatchRX, I found several options for me to get the necessary medication for my patient. The best part was that even with paying for overnight delivery by FedEx, I was able to purchase the quantity I needed at a lower price than my wholesalers were asking. Thank you MatchRX.” -Michael S., Hometown Pharmacy

“We were able to find a drug no longer available by supplier for a patient for a full course of therapy.” -Victor B., Village Pharmacy

“We have a customer who is a cash customer and has been on a medications for many years that has recently jumped to over $7 a tablet. We were able to find the product on MatchRX and provide it for the patient at a much lower cost! Thanks MatchRX.” -Jenny C., Alaco Discount Pharmacy

“Easy to order a small amount of specialty drug so that we aren’t left with a large quantity on shelf after fulfilling the prescription.” -Angie A., Auten Pharmacy

“We had a patient come in looking for #30 pills of something we did not carry because nobody had ever brought in a prescription for it. It was quite expensive. We never like to turn a customer away so I turned to MatchRX for help. MatchRX is a great source for this exact situation. -Georgeann W., Harrold’s Pharmacy

“We have a patient that uses a specific NDC of Diltiazem. Through our wholesaler it is affordable, but thanks to MatchRX we have been able to get him a price that he can swing!” -Phil L., River Village Pharmacy

“We have not bought anything from MatchRX yet, but we have been able to sell a number of medications that we were no longer using.” -Kala B., Oceana Pharmacy

“I have a patient who doesn’t tolerate medications very well, so most often, changing generics or switching her from a brand that she responds well to to another is not an option.  One of her medications is Avapro 150mg (brand). A few months back Avapro went on backorder and we were left with none to dispense to her.  No other pharmacies in the area had the medication in stock.  I looked on MatchRX, but there wasn’t any Avapro posted.  I was able to list it as one of my “favorites” and within a couple days I was notified that another pharmacy was looking to sell Avapro 150mg! I immediately went on the MatchRX website, ordered it, and in two days had the medication I needed for my patient.  We were able to provide what our patient needed, the patient was happy to get her medication, and the other pharmacy was happy to get rid of an unneeded medication from their shelves…A win/win for all! Thank you MatchRX!” -Pauline V., Medicap Pharmacy

“The drug I needed was not available through my wholesaler and MatchRX saved the day!” -Scott V., Boyds Drug Mart

“MatchRX has helped our patients when they were requesting a specific brand of medication that was currently unavailable at our wholesaler. The biggest help though is for the inventory. When we are syncing medications for a patient, MatchRX helps us by not having to open expensive medications. If the patient only needs 14 tablets to get a medication synced with the rest of their order, I can usually find something with the correct quantity.” -Miguel N., Grove Pharmacy

“MatchRX has been a blessing to Thomas Drugs! Being an independent pharmacy we do not have a large warehouse that provides our inventory. When we are not able to get a product from our every day vendors we can always count on MatchRX. MatchRX provides low cost drugs to our pharmacy. The best thing about MatchRX for Thomas Drugs is selling products! Selling products we could not send back to our original vendor due to being unsealed/broken. MatchRX is simple and easy to use and their customer service has ALWAYS been friendly. Thank you for this service.”  -Rachel M., Thomas Drugs

“It helps us control our inventory of specific drugs that a patient only needs part of the bottle and we can put it on MatchRX and not be stuck with the remainder of the bottle…and we can help others who are in need of that product.” -Christine B., Medicine Shoppe

“MatchRX helped us with one of our patients when they had a need for something that came in a large package but they only needed a few. We were able to purchase those few that they needed and not have to let the remainder sit on our shelf to expire.” -Randy C., Larco Pharmacy

“There are few times when we get into a bind at our pharmacy, but when we have, MatchRX has always been a solid backup to find exactly what we need. Not only dependable, MatchRX is a nice, convenient, and fast process in getting what our patients need promptly. It is a satisfying feeling to have the patient be so grateful in helping with their healthcare and to have a exceptional source such as MatchRX to help fulfill the needs of our local community. Lastly, when there has been a minor issue with MatchRX, they have always been helpful with customer service and quick to correct any issues. Thanks MatchRX!” -Chris P., Preferred Pharmacy

“MatchRX is a great source for medications you have only need for 1 fill.  It’s nice to not have to worry when you order a 100ct bottle and only need 30, one of your MatchRX friends usually will purchase the remaining quantity. The staff at MatchRX are always friendly and helpful!  It’s a win win situation!” -Jamil H., Van Professional Pharmacy

“I was recently able to find a drug that was unavailable from my primary wholesaler.  Not only did it provide the patient with a much needed drug, but my profit was higher due to the low prices on MatchRX!” -Daniel S., Geraldine Drugs

“We are a brand new pharmacy that open April 6, 2016. We have a patient taking Seroquel XR, He was recently taken off this medication and we have had the pleasure of posting it up for sell on your site. This is the only example of us using MatchRX at this time, but we look forward to a long and successful partnership with your company.” -Nicole S., Nikkis Hometown Pharmacy

“We had a couple patients that really needed Cordran tape. It was on manufacturer back order for a long time. We were able to find some on MatchRX.” -Tara S., Jayhawk Pharmacy at Mission Woods 

“We ordered a product that was out at our wholesaler and was able to fill the script for one of our patients.” -Darren M., Watkins Pharmacy & Surgical Supply

“When a script comes in for a patient for an odd amount this site has helped with getting that amount without having to order an entire bottle and it going to waste on the shelf! Thanks for being such a convenience.” -Jerry B., Jerry’s Pharmacy

“I just sell, but its been great to reduce my inventory, knowing someone can use this medication elsewhere, at a reduced cost and benefit a patient and improving the bottom line for both pharmacies! -Byron R., Zion Pharmacy

“MatchRX has made our small, and community based practice accessible to pharmacies all over the U.S. We are able to retrieve medications at a lower price, and thus in return for having a lower out of pocket expense, we can pay it forward and help in situations that arise with patients that have a lower income and have trouble purchasing their prescriptions. The ease of use on MatchRX allows both the pharmacists and technicians the ability to manage sales and purchases. We make sure to check it periodically and the return of investment is immeasurable and is very valuable in establishing and maintaining the confidence our patients have in filling with us.” -Danny B., Bluegrass Family Pharmacy

“As a mental health center, it’s always a challenge to obtain medications that our patients can afford.  It’s been so nice to have a venue that gives our patients an affordable option.  We are so proud to be a part of MatchRX… thank you for always providing and caring for our patients with us!” -Deanna C., Region III Pharmacy

“Tekturna 300 mg has been unavailable. We have several patients on it and have been able to get enough from MatchRX  to keep them all supplied.  One patient would be unable to grasp the concept of taking 2 different medications to replace Tekturna.” -Cinda G., Kingman Drug

“MatchRX has helped many of our customers tremendously! Albuterol 4mg had just sky rocketed in price and to order the medication was going to cost around $450. Ordering on MatchRX helped our customers receive his albuterol tablets at an affordable price. When B12 injections were not available for our pharmacy to order from any of our vendors we were able to order from Match RX to continue to fill prescriptions for our customers. Majority of our B12 injection customers are 65+ and receive a shot weekly.  HUGE HELP! We have several testimonies like those above! Thanks so much!” -Dan G., Thomas Drugs

“We all have customers with ‘particular’ needs, the ones that will only use one specific manufacturer or tablet color, etc. MatchRX has been especially beneficial when we need to find products for our patient that will only use the X-Viate branded Urea cream. When our regular wholesaler did not have it in stock, our customer could not take anything else from us. She was ready to change pharmacies all together, silly we know, but it happens. Thankfully we have MatchRX and could get it in stock for her within the week. It also happened to be cheaper than we could have gotten it ourselves, even after shipping. Win Win! As for our business, well, we have saved over $600 the last 30 days alone. Every independent pharmacy needs to be utilizing MatchRX!” -Michael M., Stillwater Family Pharmacy

“One time a drug was on a back-order and we couldn’t get it for our patient. While I was checking on MatchRX, I found it and that helped my patient being satisfied. Thanks MatchRX.” -Bassam Y., Advanced Specialty Rx

“When we could not order their Rx from our major wholesaler or other backup generic companies, MatchRX came to the rescue. Our customer panicked when they thought they couldn’t get their medicine. Thank you for your business.” -Francis R., Medical Arts Pharmacy

“Often we’ll have patients that are in need of an uncommon medication they have been unable to find at other pharmacies come to us for help. I feel confident special ordering medication for patients knowing that any stock I have left over, I can in most instances, sell the remainder on MatchRX.” -Sam S., Schmidt and Sons Pharmacy

“Our pharmacy services many reduced income patients. Before we started using MatchRX, we were afraid to open bottles of many expensive medications for just one patient. If the medication was returned to us, or the order discontinued, we would be stuck with a product unable to be returned to the wholesaler. After starting with MatchRX, we feel more comfortable sending just enough medication to service our customers’ needs. If it is discontinued, we can recoup some of the lost capital. Our patients have more consistent service thanks to MatchRX.” -Ben K., Wellness Concepts

“We have several patients who come to use specifically looking for a manufacturer that they like and can’t find elsewhere. This has been a great way for us to find particular manufacturers for our patients and not have to buy large quantities.” -Angie B., Elkton Family Pharmacy

“MatchRX has helped us out numerous times over the years that we have been using their service. Sometimes, because of the unavailability of items from the wholesaler, or because of the cost rising dramatically in the marketplace, we have been able to secure product to continue our patients on the medications that are working for them. Thank you MatchRX!” -Brian S., Pharmacy Care

“I have two very happy patients because I was able to find these brands for them that no other pharmacy in the area had been able to locate.  The second layer of my  success story comes from that of a seller.  I did not have a plan, thanks.” -Sarita S., Easy Pharmacy and Surgical

“We have re-cooped thousands of dollars trapped in our overstock prescriptions. No hassle. Thank you!” -Kalu N., Personal Touch Pharmacy

“We are able to better serve our patient that is on extremely expensive meds or meds we can’t order that are out of stock in our warehouse so that the patient doesn’t have to wait forever to receive their meds we can get it faster for them.” -Susan H., Medicap Pharmacy

“We have a patient that uses brand name Betapace. He is a young man with a young son. He has tried using the generics but failed each time – resulting in hospital stays. The shortages that took place over the last two years could have been devastating for him if MatchRX wasn’t in existence. We were able to find enough partials to keep a steady supply for him. That is amazing enough – but to save money on them as well!” -Phil L., Tieton Village Drugs

“We often use MatchRX to find higher priced name-brand items for our patients, especially when it is an item we may only need a small amount of. Recently a regular customer of ours had a prescription for #14 Zyvox tablets.  We had just pulled some expired Zyvox off of our shelf so rather than ordering another bottle from our wholesaler we were able to find it on MatchRX. We received the item very quickly from the seller.  While we continue to see reimbursements diminish anything we can do to keep our costs down and manage our inventory really helps out. We supply to a lot of low-income uninsured patients and we work together with a clinic in town to provide low-cost drugs to these patients. We are committed to serving this demographic and MatchRX has really helped us to manage our inventory, which helps our customers and our community” -Jill C., Sigler Pharmacy

“We have had many patients who have prescriptions that would like certain brands of their medication, MatchRX has helped us find the brands we need if our wholesaler does not keep that brand in stock. MatchRX also helps us when a patients is taken off of a medication that we can sale it instead of just being out that money. Awesome job MatchRX!” -Shelby Y., Downtown Drug

“I was able to find a medication for a customer that was not available from any wholesaler. What a lifesaver!” -Frederick O., Orr’s Drug Store

“I really like MatchRX where I can buy exact amount of brand name drugs.” -Mehul T., Family Discount Drugs

“MatchRX has been a blessing to our pharmacy and patients. Finding medications that are on back order or have had recent price increases are a breeze to find on the site.” -Alexander O., Lexann Pharmacy and Wellness Center

“Basically, I am here to say that MatchRX has literally saved my pharmacy. It’s been so helpful, I have been able to sell expensive inventory I had used one time and was stuck with the rest. In many cases make a profit on it if there had been a price increase; of course that works the other way, too. You sell or buy at a price that benefits both pharmacies. That’ s what you call a win-win!” –Luke C., Natural RX

“MatchRX has saved us several times from losing money. When you have to order a bottle of 90 for a prescription for 30, 9 times out of 10 you are stuck with the remaining 60. Also when you are looking for a partial bottle of something and you don’t want to buy a full bottle it has saved us money that way as well. The customer service department at MatchRX is very helpful as well. We have recommended you all to many people and hopefully help increase your customers. I will continue to do business with MatchRX and will continue to pass the word about them. Thanks.”  -Rhonda L., Gainesboro Drugs

“MatchRX has been very helpful when we have a partial bottle, that we need to top off.” –Kerry K., Economy Drug

“MatchRX has allowed us to optimize our inventory even further.  We are able to find odd quantities at a good price. We are also able to combine odd quantities with partial bottles to get a full prescription further saving inventory cost. Thanks MatchRX for your help!” –Gary W., Pill Box Pharmacy

“We love MatchRX. We have sold a ton of products that were just sitting on our shelves not making us any money. Everyone should start using MatchRX. With very little set up and effort you can get rid of the stock you are not able to use because you don’t have any patients on that medication anymore. MatchRX is the best!” –Thomas F., Horsham Square Pharmacy

“Great service. Flawless transactions.” –Prashant K., Shopsmart Food  & Pharmacy

“MatchRX has an efficient process for ordering and selling overstock inventories.”  –Judith I., Tabb Pharmacy

“It’s incredibly easy and helpful to my business to control inventory by selling products discontinued by patients instead of having them sit on the shelf, unused and contributing dollars to useable inventory. Cash flow is critical in these times and MatchRX improves it for me!”  -Chuck G., Medicine Shoppe

“Our company has nothing but good things to say about MatchRX. They have been a huge asset to us in both the buying and selling aspect. Being able to order small quantities of a non-stocked Rx has help keep our inventory under control as well as unloading overstock ‘dogs’. MatchRX has become a highly useful staple in our pharmacies where every advantage is necessary to survive.”  -Timothy K., Ehardt’s Pharmacy

“MatchRX is a great innovative way for pharmacies to purchase items in need for a specific patient that  may not be available in the marketplace, or given the option of not having to order an entire amount from a vendor when not needed. On the flip side, our pharmacy has found it to be a very useful way of getting rid of inventory while helping others pharmacies out. Definitely a great service!” –Jamie L., MiRx Pharmacy

“It’s a great idea having the MatchRX website and it’s very convenient to pharmacist to get what they want for a cheaper price.” –Syed R., Premier Home Pharmacy

“We have been able to find products for patients with specific allergies/sensitivities that we were otherwise unable to find/obtain. Very helpful.” –Christi F., Bradley Drug Co.

“I have only bought and sold from MatchRX a hand full of times. I’ve had good experience, the process is easy and MatchRX provides a portal to connect pharmacies from across the nation. The shipping and receiving process is easy, you can sell or purchase for reasonable asking prices.” –Helen V., Richmond Pharmacy

“MatchRX has been a marvelous and crucial part of maximizing revenue at my pharmacy. Whether it’s searching for a specific quantity in order to avoid purchasing larger quantities than necessary from our primary wholesaler or searching for hard to find items, MatchRX has been a reliable solution.  Maximizing profits in the business of pharmacy is though. MatchRX can be profitable two ways; finding a drug less expensive or selling product you may not use. Either way, if you’re not using MatchRX you may be losing out on vital potential revenue.” –Ruben F., Weslaco Pharmacy

“I’ve used MatchRX for years as both a buyer and a seller. I love being able to sell products that can’t be returned to my wholesaler, and would otherwise sit on the shelf until expired. This has greatly reduced the ‘dead’ inventory on my shelves. As a buyer, I have been able to locate hard to find brand and generic drugs to fulfill prescriptions for my customers. MatchRX has been a tremendous tool for my business.  –Robert R., Clio Road Pharmacy

“I have always had exceptional customer service from MatchRX! I know that they will always go the extra mile to take care of both buyers and sellers.” -Steven B., Best Drug Store

“We are a compounding only pharmacy and use very few manufactured products but when we need them we rarely need a full bottle. MatchRX has been perfect for meeting our needs for partial bottles.  Also for providing a lower cost for pet population that is very price sensitive.” -Donald W., Village Pharmacy

“In the last few years I’ve been able to sell many prescription drugs that were just sitting on our shelves. These are medications one customer of ours was on, and then for whatever reason they no longer need.  I also go through my shelves every couple of months. If it’s been sitting on my shelf for more than 6 months and I can’t send it back to my wholesaler, I will sell it on MatchRX.  I’ve had amazing luck with this site!  Love having it available! Easy to use as well!” -Jennifer S., Medicap Pharmacy

“MatchRX helps with my bottom line. Since I can buy products cheaper on MatchRX it helps when I can’t find a product anywhere else. It’s a user friendly website, pharmacies helping other pharmacies.” -Diana S., Anile Pharmacy Inc

“With ever growing pressure to manage inventory to be able to survive in the world of pharmacy, it’s nice to be able to purchase and to sell, needed and unwanted medication. MatchRX makes that happen!” -Curtis R., The Medicine Shoppe 0461

“MatchRX has helped a lot with our overstocked inventory, expiring on the shelves. Thanks.”  -Dave P., Farmacia San Antonio

“I heard about MatchRX from a friend who owns a independent pharmacy. MatchRX is a great! We have saved a lot of money at our pharmacy, through them. I wish I had thought of combining the powers of independent pharmacies to prevent the never ending problem of expiring medication! Thanks, to my friend and to MatchRX!” -Dave S., Kanab United Drug

“I have been buying and selling on MatchRX since its beginning days. It is a super way for me to purchase brand-name medication for my patients at a cost-savings to my pharmacy. It also helps me balance my brand-generic purchases from my primary wholesaler. I’ve been able to sell over-stock and short-dates to provide the same benefits to other pharmacies. Selling on MatchRX helps my store avoid the low, low (if any) refund from inventory that goes out of date on my shelves. I highly recommend MatchRX to anyone interested in saving money for their store!” -Tara P., Cornerstone Family Pharmacy

“MatchRX has been a great tool for our pharmacy. We have been able to sell many drugs that would have otherwise expired. We have also been able to purchase drugs to complete partial bottles. We love MatchRX!”  -Kevin A., Atkins Express Pharmacy

“MatchRX has personally helped us to stay in business. We would have lost quite a few customers if not for them. They guarantee shipment on the exact product you need for your patients.  It’s easy to navigate the site and price search for the various drugs you need with no problems whatsoever. Their customer service is top notch, and you can immediately get a live person on the phone (which is unusual for any business these days). Keep up the good work and thanks for allowing us to have the upper hand in pharmacy!”  -Jane D., Suburban Pharmacy

“MatchRX is a must to 1. Reduce your inventory and 2. Reduce your inventory loss on partial bottles.  We have only used MatchRX for 1 week now and have saved money.  It is very user friendly to search, sell and buy. I like that they already have shipping arranged with FedEx so it makes shipping easy. In this first week, we were also able to find 2 different drugs that were out of stock at our wholesaler and we saved money on them.”  -Donelle S., Graham Pharmacy

“We love the system. This system provides you with the cheapest brand and generic drugs. Due to this system, we have been able to give customers the satisfaction they need. We have been able to complete their requirements and they love to come back. One needs to constantly shop around in order to get what they want. Sometimes your needs will be met and sometimes not. But more often than not, you will find the item you need. Overall, I am really happy with the system and due to this I am able to provide my customers their needs.”  -Dipal P., Shayona Pharmacy

“MatchRX was very helpful while reorganizing my business inventories. I was able to off load my slow moving items and equally bought needed items at reasonable prices to keep afloat.”  -Gbenja O., Westside Pharmacy & Wellness Center

“Saves me money.” -Adedayo A., Wellness Plus Pharmacy

“Our small mom and pop pharmacy would loose money when a patient would bring a script for a few tablets of an expensive slow moving brand medicine. We would end up with an overstock of an expensive drug that would often expire and cause us to loose money. However, MatchRX has helped us manage our inventory by selling these expensive items or by just buying a small amount of a medicine verses a full bottle, therefore  keeping the business profitable.” -Fadime S., Jessup Care Pharmacy

“Drug acquisition prices and third party reimbursement is seriously impacting profitability in the retail pharmacy industry, while this is very challenging, MatchRX gives us the opportunity to source drugs at lower cost and as well as hard to find medications to meet specific patient needs. We have been able to service prescriptions that other major chain stores are unable to service due to unavailability or short supply. The savings from buying and selling using the MatchRX market has been enormous and rewarding. I have been recommending this service to other colleagues.” -Adekunie T., Total Pharmacy Ennis

“MatchRX has been a significant resource for our independently owned pharmacy. We have access to brand name and generic drugs that otherwise may be unavailable or reimbursed below cost. It also enables us to supply costly drugs to other pharmacies that otherwise would have collected dust and eventually expired. MatchRX helps utilize drugs in the pharmaceutical industry more efficiently and prevents waste.”  -Kristen S., Super Drugs III

“MatchRX is really helping me get rid of unwanted inventory and more importantly buying medicines in partial quantities that I may not need the whole package for.” –Naveen P., Lexington Pharmacy

“We have only been with MatchRX for a month or so, but have already saved a lot on medications that would have expired on our shelves.” –Pam R., Beck’s Drugs

“My wholesalers did not have the medication in stock and my patient needed the medication right away.  I checked on MatchRX and someone had exactly the quantity I needed to fill the prescription.  I ordered the medication, it came promptly and I was able to service the customer.  The patient was very thankful because apparently other pharmacies did not have the medication in the area due to a shortage of supply in the marketplace.  Thank you MatchRX!” –Vivek, B., Drug Mart

“One of my patients specifically wanted cephalexin 250mg capsules by “Lupin Manufacture” only. My primary supplier didn’t have that in stock and the patient was no willing to switch to any other alternatives. Finally MatchRX served my patient need and I got a happy customer. Thank you.” –Paul p., Longview Drugs

“I have nothing to say but what an excellent service MatchRX is to the independent pharmacy. The ease in selling, ordering and delivery of pharmaceutical products is nothing short of great. Continue the work you do, and thank you.” –JC J., RX Pharmacy

“MatchRX has been great. I have been able to pick up items that either my wholesaler is out of or their price has become extravagant. MatchRX has also been excellent for me to pick up a partial bottle of something that I’ve needed. MatchRX is the best way to get rid of items that I no longer use. Obviously any bottle that has been opened is non-returnable to my wholesaler. MatchRX has helped me over and over to trim my inventory down by allowing me to sell items that I’m ‘stuck’ with. Whenever I call with a question or issue, it is resolved pretty much immediately. MatchRX has been a great company to work with and they’ve saved me thousands of dollars over the past few years.  Thank you!”   -Larry A., The Medicine Shoppe

“This site has enabled us to recoup a lot of dead stock in the past year that we would likely have received less than even $5,000 from expired returns.  Plus, when you can’t find something you are getting shorted by insurance, MatchRX is the first place I turn to for another option! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to still provide our patients with the medications they need and not give a way the farm!” – Mike S., Lakeland Pharmacy

“This is a great service to buy partial bottles for a small amount of medication. Also a great place to sell partial bottles of a medication that are no longer in use by the pharmacy.  Prices are good.” –Raghid K., University Commons Pharmacy

“My pharmacy has had such a great experience with MatchRX over the years. Each month, I print a report of the NDCs of drugs that have not been sold at the pharmacy in the last 4 months. I use this list to find the slow moving drugs that might otherwise expire and put them on MatchRX.  The response is usually immediate, especially with the newer features that show how others on MatchRX price the same drug. Also, if part of a pharmacy label is stuck on a special-ordered drug that the customer doesn’t end up needing (rendering it non-returnable to the wholesaler), the drug is immediately added to MatchRX for sale.” –Adrienne M., Beaver Health Mart Pharmacy

“I was able to find great deals on brand name medications. The delivery was fast and easy! I highly recommend MatchRX.” –Ellie D., Rollins Care Pharmacy

“The opportunity to buy, sell and save money 24/7/365 is phenomenal. As an independent pharmacy owner, we can’t always compete, match prices with corporate companies. With MatchRX on our side, I reduce time spent placing, pricing orders and overall boost my bottom line profits at the end of the business day.” –Joseph L., Health RX Scripts 

“Like any auction, you never know what people are looking for. Surprised how fast something sell. Better to have the cash than to have dead stock.” –Mike, P., Stilwell Pharmacy

“In this day and age independent pharmacies must run a tight ship. If we have a Dr. write for a small quantity we are left with an open bottle that just sits there.  MatchRX enables us to sell or buy odd quantities especially since manufacturers are not offering credit on expired open product. It also helps with product inventory that’s had a large price increase.” –Elizabeth H., Pepper Pharmacy

“MatchRX is like our second wholesaler. When I need a prescription item to fill in, MatchRX is our go-to site. We can buy the amount we need and save money on the purchase which makes MatchRX the best second wholesaler to use everyday.” –Ann E., Village Pharmacy

“This is a great market place, provides lots of price benefits.”  –Percy D., Sussex Pharmacy

“MatchRX is the best thing since sliced bread! I have found generics in larger quantities that I have not been able to find through our wholesalers at a considerable savings. Also great when the wholesalers are out of a specific item–plus it helps the other independent pharmacies to purge unwanted stock.  A true win-win!!!”  -Joel, S., Focus Express Pharmacy

“MatchRX has been a great place for our pharmacy to find and sell limited use products. An example of this is a customer wanted brand name Toprol XL. Instead of purchasing an entire bottle of 100 from our wholesaler we were able to purchase on MatchRX broken bottles from other pharmacies at significant savings. Repeating this similar scenario has reduced our cost of goods and we’ve been able to move product off of our shelves that had become stagnant. It’s a win/win deal.” –Mike M., McWilliams Pharmacy

“Being an independent pharmacy, low prices matter when buying our drugs.  MatchRX allows us to price shop and find the lowest prices available to us, also while helping other independent pharmacies across the nation. There have been several occasions where we have not been able to locate less common, more expensive brand name medications and have been able to provide our customers service by locating the drug from MatchRX. Super helpful in allowing the smaller independents to compete with the big guys!” –Chad F., Volunteer Pharmacy

“We are a small pharmacy in a small town (population 5500) right beside Wal-Mart. We buy and sell on MatchRX daily. We really enjoy the feature of finding items we don’t need to buy the entire package available from our wholesaler as well as finding the bargain prices on other things we need.  An additional benefit is to be able to sell items we no longer need either partials or sealed packages. For years independent pharmacies have needed a program like MatchRX to help us compete. Kudos to MatchRX!    Thank you!”    -John P., Sav-Mart Pharmacy

“I have been using MatchRX for years both as a seller and buyer. They are a great organization and very easy to use. I always check for some odd drug here first to buy. I also have been able to keep my inventory in check by selling a lot of open bottles or drugs we no longer use. Great organization.” –Susan S., The Medicine Shoppe

“MatchRX has allowed us to meet specific patient needs without the burden of keeping the item in stock. Also, it helps us move items that are not selling and have the potential to be a great loss.”  –Nichole D., Stephenson Pharmacy

“MatchRX has been a great asset to our business and has saved us thousands of dollars over the years. It is a great place to sell that extra inventory or those products that may be going out of date. You can even sell those open stock bottles. Have hard to find or expensive items that you only need a partial fill for a particular patient? Or is your wholesaler out of a particular item? You’ll find them on MatchRX. They also make it easy to track your purchases with a link to the FedEx website. Customer service is great and is there to help you if you have ANY questions.”  –Martin K., Birdsboro Pharmacy

“MatchRX has been a huge help for our store. Until recently, we’ve had one primary wholesaler. Everything we purchased, we purchased through them. If they were out of stock of a drug we needed, we had two options. We could pay exorbitant fees to have them ship something across the nation, or purchase it at a loss from another pharmacy. With MatchRX, it’s like we have access to another warehouse! We’ve purchased drugs that were out of stock completely for our patients, and saved money doing it! A particular benefit of MatchRX is partial bottles. We had a particular short-term order for a patient, for a drug we’ve never carried. Our wholesaler only sell these items in cases, and we needed less than half that! On a whim, we dropped the NDC into MatchRX, and the drug popped right up, with the exact quantity we needed, and at a discount to boot! We look forward to having more opportunities like this as MatchRX grows!” –Daniel A., Wellness Concepts

“MatchRX has been a godsend to our overstock problems!  I cannot say enough great things about MatchRX.  The customer service department is second to none!  Helpful and professional!  I highly recommend this marketplace!”  -Kristina D., Union Ave Pharmacy

“We have a patient that has to get name brand Abilify because of her insurance.  Since Abilify went generic, we kept getting stuck with a half full bottle of Abilify 15mg due to us having a single patient that gets #30 name brand every month, and us having #15 left over from when it went generic.  Recently, I was able to purchase a partial bottle of Abilify for sale on MatchRX that will prevent us from being stuck with a partial bottle.  We have also been able to purchase various injectables, namely generic Lovenox and generic Arixtra, at the exact quantities the patient needed.  These have also been purchased at prices far below WAC.” –Chris C., Iuka Discount Drugs

“I have been using MatchRX full time for a year now.  I’ve saved a lot over the course of the year!  I think that says it all.” –Phil L., River Village Pharmacy

“I shop MatchRX every day.  When I had a patient that requested brand Glumetza, it was nice to find it cheaper than my wholesaler.  When there is a backorder or a hard-to-find item, or rumors of a price increase, MatchRX is my go to site.” –Robert M., Mills Pharmacy at Bluff Park

“I started trading with MatchRX soon after it became a company several years ago.  Since then, I can say unequivocally that it has become an integral part of my pharmacy.  In our business, daily factors beyond our control affect the drug inventory process.  I was excited to find out that I could sell the partial that Mrs. Jones no longer needed, or on the other hand, I could order a lesser quantity to satisfy a one-time need.  Prices on generics vary in different parts of the country and I found that to be an advantage when buying and selling a product.  In today’s world of low reimbursements, the pharmacist needs to take advantage of every ethical thing at his or her disposal.  Purchasing is one way we can facilitate the bottom line.  MatchRX is a very user friendly website that has evolved over time.  I have found the customer service team to be very helpful when there is a problem.  I would have to say that MatchRX has been a blessing for my business.” –James B., Sav-Rite Discount Drugs

“MatchRX is a great platform for an independent pharmacy.  It has reduced the burden of overstocked inventory, and helps me locate drugs for my patients at discounted prices.” –Himanshu P., RX Plus Pharmacy of Live Oak

“We have been using MatchRX for several years. It has helped us to buy smart on items that we do not normally stock or locate very expensive items when we only need a partial pack for a patient script.  It has also been a valuable tool for selling inventory that we no longer need but cannot return to our wholesaler. Open packs or items that will go outdated would normally have to be written off, but with MatchRX you might find someone else who is in need of the product.  This is a win-win situation for both parties.  The process is very simple and accurate.  I highly recommend trying MatchRX.” –Denise S., Crestville Drugs

MatchRX has helped improve our inventory control.  Selling partial packs of unused items, purchasing partial stock bottles to fill a patients’ expensive script, purchasing overstock from other members at deep discounts, and overall helping us stay competitive.  They have handled the DSCSA changes effectively and continue to always be there for member needs .” –David G.,  Medicine Shoppe

This is a great one stop marketplace for our needs.  Specific NDC requirements are more optimized and can really satisfy each patient need.  No doubt, it saves money. We have a habit of browsing daily.” – Paul D., United Pharmacy

“MatchRX has helped us in three main areas. 1) Selling partial packages of products we are no longer dispensing.  Wholesalers will not accept returns of partial packages.  Sell the partial on MatchRX, in sharp contrast to leaving the package on the shelf until the expiration date..  MatchRX will allow you to get most of the value back NOW not when the product expires in a year or two.  More money in the bank is a good thing.  2) Purchasing smaller amounts (partial packs) of expensive special order products.  Need some expensive product for a regular patient?  Find someone who already bit that bullet and purchase a partial package on MatchRX and save the hassle.  Sometimes you can find exactly the amount you need, even if you have to purchase from more than one member pharmacy.  3) Purchasing products at large discounts to support our bottom line.  Have a patient that takes an expensive product on a set schedule, possibly on your patient synchronization program?  See if you can help another pharmacy and save some money in the process.  Look for the product on MatchRX and buy it for big savings.  Sleep well knowing you helped another pharmacy get a product off their shelf and put the money back in the bank.” – Don W., Aubrey Pharmacy

“MatchRX has been great for us!  We use a lot of brand name products and they have saved us more than once with things that we couldn’t find from other wholesalers.  I always look to see if they have it first now!” – Loren D., Meds in Motion

“MatchRX is an easy way to turn dead inventory into cash.  Every year the reimbursement is getting worse and worse, but buying the drugs from MatchRX helped us to keep up in the business.  Saving thousands of dollars especially for the brand name drugs a patient needs is what attracted me to buy drugs from the MatchRX marketplace.  I highly recommend it.” – Harsha M., Rockridge Pharmacy

“I had a patient that needed a prescription for Pilocarpine and my wholesaler was out of stock with no estimated arrival date.  I located the product on MatchRX and had it within a few days….  MatchRX is our “go to” site when looking for products that are not readily available from our warehouse!” -Ronald D., Duncansville Pharmacy

“Helped us save money!” – Andrew N., Gruene Road Pharmacy

“MatchRX has been very beneficial to our pharmacy to help us locate “unusual” prescriptions we only need for a one-time fill.  We have also sold several partial bottles of drugs we only dispensed once.  They are also helpful when our wholesaler is out of stock.  We have been a member for a few years and are totally satisfied with the service we receive.” -Robin M., Van Professional Pharmacy

It is really wonderful to work with a company that makes it very easy for me to get my job done as a pharmacist.  It brings a great network of other pharmacies together to sell/buy.  MatchRX is professional, easy, and allows me to focus on my patients.  The customer service team is always there when you need them, and always responds quickly when you have a question.  The software is very friendly to use. Thanks for everything and keep up the GREAT WORK….. MatchRX you’re #1 in my book.” -Della H., Blue Mint Pharmacy

“MatchRX has delivered every time when it comes to finding a medication our wholesaler is out of.  Their customer service team is also very helpful and will answer any questions that our pharmacy has.  We couldn’t think of a better company to use, it’s an easy decision for us.” -Shelby Y., Downtown Drug

“I have been buying on MatchRX for over 2 years now.  My percentage profit is now at a 40 year high since I opened my business in 1975.  It is a great feeling of satisfaction when you can find exactly what you need on MatchRX to fill a script for a recurring customer, knowing that you are also helping a fellow independent pharmacy.   It is a win-win situation for all involved.  When you need something the next day and your wholesaler is out, MatchRX will call the member pharmacy that has the product listed and make sure you get it by the next day.  They take customer service to a whole new level.  You NEVER talk to anyone at MatchRX that is in a bad mood.  They are always willing to go the extra mile to do whatever it takes to take care of getting the right product at the right time.  If you think you are too busy to buy from MatchRX, then you are fooling nobody but yourself, and are not concerned about the bottom line as much as you should be.  MatchRX is like the Utopia for locating hard to find products.  Give them a try and you will not only be happy, but you will be hooked on looking daily.” -Donnie G., Alaco Discount Pharmacy 6

“We love MatchRX here at SEMO Drug!  It is a quick and easy way to move product off the shelf that we are no longer using!  Customer Service is always very friendly and helpful!” -Mandy F., SEMO Drug of Kennett

“We have MULTIPLE stories we can tell about the incredible savings we have found on MatchRX.  One of our favorites is how we started purchasing.  One night on a dinner out with some other pharmacy friends, a discussion about MatchRX came up.  The next day we got a prescription refill for a regular customer for her monthly Afinitor 10mg.  The price had just been raised by the manufacturer and the PBM was not caught up on the new price.  We were underpaid, which is of course very frustrating.  My next move was to check MatchRX, and there I found one full sealed box.  Even with overnight shipping we still ended up saving a significant amount.  This of course made our day!” -Frank K., Campbell’s Pharmacy

“MatchRX has been such a relief for a growing problem of stale inventory and overstock.  We have been able to move some very expensive medications that would have otherwise expired on the shelf.  What a great tool for pharmacists!” -Andrew F., Perkins Drugs

“I joined MatchRX about 9 months ago after having been repeatedly told how much money I would save.  I wish I would have joined years earlier.  Don’t let those brand name meds sit on your shelf only to expire and hope you get a reasonable credit when returned to your wholesaler.  Do you really get ALL the credits you deserve?  I have saved thousands of dollars by selling meds I no longer needed rather than returning for credit.  Here is another way MatchRX helped me.  One day several months ago a woman walked into my pharmacy and asked if I had a certain generic heart medicine for her elderly mother.  It had to be from a specific manufacturer.  Both my primary and secondary wholesalers didn’t stock it.  Numerous other generic wholesalers did not stock it.  I checked MatchRX and found many pharmacies had it listed and at a great price.  I had never met this woman before.  Not only did she transfer ALL of her mothers meds, she transferred her fathers and her own meds to my pharmacy.  Thank you MatchRX.” -Bob A., East Hills Family Pharmacy

“We have saved a lot of money.  MatchRX is a solution for our short dated medications.” -Khalid B., Pharmacy Plus and Surgical Supplies

“MatchRX helps us get rid of unneeded inventory.  It’s been very helpful and the service is great.” -Hanna K., Maple Pharmacy

“Purchasing needed and selling medications no longer needed is a great benefit to our patients and pharmacy.  Many times we have been able to purchase medications that have not been available through our wholesaler due to shortages or high cost (reimbursement by insurance is lower than cost to purchase).  This program has allowed us to have a competitive advantage with the larger chain drug stores.  We have been able to service patients that we would not have been able to serve without this purchasing system in place….  When I first started with MatchRX, I only sold the short dated or unwanted medications on my shelf.  I never ordered any medicine.  It was when I received a call from MatchRX about purchasing medications that I gave it a try.  I thought it would be too time consuming to purchase off the website, but it was easy and quick.  If you don’t order off the website, give it a try.” -Lisa P., Main at Locust Pharmacy and Medical Supplies

“My success story dealing with MatchRX is really two-fold.  I first joined MatchRX only to be a buyer, looking for a couple of specific generic brands for patient scripts that had been discontinued through my primary and secondary wholesalers.  I have been very successful in finding those generic brands for my patients on MatchRX with an added benefit of cost savings as well.  I have two very happy patients because I was able to find these brands for them that no other pharmacy in the area had been able to locate.  The second layer of my MatchRX success story comes from that of a seller.  I did not have a plan set out to sell many (if any) items on MatchRX, but ran across a few short-dated items on my shelves that my wholesaler would have charged me a substantial fee to return.  So I decided to list some items and in less than 24 hours I had my first sale!  Since then I have made several other sales and listed many more items for sale on MatchRX.  I want to thank MatchRX for connecting independent pharmacists across the country in a way not possible before.  I imagine there are many happy patients (and pharmacists) across the states because of MatchRX!  Thanks!” -Samuel R., Ocoee Professional Pharmacy

“MatchRX makes it very easy to order items, and every question asked has always been answered.  If they did not know the answer to our question they would find it and get back to us very quickly.  We appreciate the quick responses.  The orders are always shipped in a timely manner and if there is a problem we are never left in the dark, we are notified right away.  Thank you MatchRX for your customer service and everything else.” -Arne A., Haisch Pharmacy

“I have been a MatchRX member for five years and am still amazed at the opportunities to buy and to sell in this competitive business!” -Fred O., Orr’s Drug Store

“Talk about an easy way to pull some big dollars off your shelf and into your pocket!  MatchRX has been a life saver in keeping my inventory down and making money on items that would normally be stuck on my shelf and expire for little or no credit from my wholesaler.  If you’re thinking about joining…..  DO IT!” -Lenny F., Lennys Richfield Family Pharmacy

“I have been using MatchRX since August of 2010, and I can honestly say that I can’t imagine running our pharmacy without it.  MatchRX has become an integral part of our pharmacy and is essential for inventory management and greatly improving cash flow.

The practice of pharmacy is now, and will be in the future tougher than ever to survive.  With decreasing reimbursement, ridiculous price increases, and frequent drug shortages it has become more necessary than ever to price, shop, and search for medications.  MatchRX makes this process simple with a very user friendly website.  The customer service department is awesome and they are always willing to answer any questions or resolve any issue quickly. MatchRX is a must have in the pharmacy setting.  It’s like having a hammer in your toolbox!” -Russ B., Westside Medical Pharmacy

“We, at Champaign Family Pharmacy utilize MatchRx for the following reasons:

1. Purchase odd/expensive items;
2. Purchase back-ordered items;
3. Locate items on short supply;
4. Sell overstocked items with short or long datings;
5. Keep overall inventory under control.”

-Ghada A., Champaign Family Pharmacy

“MatchRX has helped us remove excess inventory in our pharmacy. We were recently hit hard by a mandatory mail order push from a local insurance carrier, leaving us with many expensive items on the shelf. MatchRX helped us to turn those medications back into cash.” -Sharon C., Center Pharmacy

“MatchRX has been a business life saver. Buying short supply products that are not available. Generics that have sky rocketed in price are available at a reduced price most of the time. Also, selling overstock is very easy to do. It helped keep unwanted inventory down which is critical in today’s business environment. MatchRX fills a critical void in todays’ independent pharmacy!” -Scott M., Valley Drug

“I have used MatchRX for several years and have had good success with finding items on MatchRX that no one else had at that time. I’ve also had a chance, many times, to sell some overstock. The employees have always been nice and helpful when I had a question or problem. Many thanks to MatchRX!” -Ray T., Market Place Pharmacy

“MatchRX is an easy way to turn dead inventory into cash.  It’s also a great sight to save money when you need to purchase generics after a large price increase. I’ve saved thousands of dollars and made thousands. Everybody wins on MatchRX!” -Mike L., LaCon’s Pharmacy

“We have been very satisfied using MatchRX for both buying and selling medications!  This past year we did our annual inventory and noticed a few slow moving items that had been on the shelves for awhile and decided to list them on MatchRX. Within just a few days, we had sold several of the items, putting money back into our bank account instead of sitting on our shelves. And luckily, we have found several items for sale on MatchRX that net us positive margins when billed to third party payors. Thank you MatchRX!” -Brian S., Pharmacy Care

“Just a great way to get rid of overstocks you will never use and products that will go out of date and you will never get credit for. Any problems, the support staff is super. I highly recommend it. ” -Tom R., Bushy Run Pharmacy

“With the decreasing margins in our industry we started trading drugs on a small scale in our area a few years ago. When Match came around we jumped in with both feet and and have bought and sold on a regular basis since the beginning of the company. Last week I saved $230.00 on 1 item ! I highly recommend using MatchRX.” -Paul S., Penn Way Pharmacy

“I signed my pharmacy up for MatchRX just this past month as a result of a promotional card I received in the mail. I am an independent, so I do not have a network of stores to share the burden of overstock or drugs that are quickly approaching expiration. What a great alternative to move stock off my shelf! I sold a product within hours of posting. Prior to MatchRX, the product would have most likely expired causing me to take a loss. This site is a great concept and I am positive it will help me improve my business.” -Patrick H., Stephenson Pharmacy

“SAVED OUR BUSINESS!!! We’ve been in business for over 50 years, and never have we found a company that does the things that MatchRX has done!  I’m absolutely blown away by the AWESOME customer service, easy navigation of the website, and how much money we have saved (in the THOUSANDS!) by using MatchRX.  We are also part of group of Independent Pharmacies throughout the state of New Mexico and the moment we caught on to this remarkable site we instantly spread the word!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the wonderful company and people you are and for saving our small pharmacy from hard times!  And to all those other pharmacies that haven’t caught on yet…you’re missing out!” -Chuck W., Medicine Chest

MatchRx is a great tool for us to make the most out of overstock.  We have been able to buy hard to find drugs, save on limited use brand name items, and save on generic overstock.  It is a great tool to keep retail Independent Pharmacists competitive.-Thomas G., The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

“Either buying or selling, MatchRX helps cash flow. The website is easy to use, compare, understand. I carry a separate bank account just for match transactions.  Now I’m not afraid of buying an odd ball medicine. MatchRX is a win, win, win and I keep more than the change.” -Steve M., Norry Pharmacy

“MatchRX has been a life saver. A great thing about MatchRX is when an item isn’t available from your resources, someone on the other side of the United States has them available and at a reasonable price. Example: tamsulosin has not been available to us for weeks now and when they do get a short supply in the price is extremely high (supply and demand). We were able to purchase tamsulosin form MatchRX at a reasonable price and in quantities to fill the demands of our customers. From a happy customer.” -Jim K., Knights Pharmacy

“I’ve been with MatchRX for a little over a year now.  I enjoy the quick response emails I get and knowledge of how other independents are almost in a way looking out for my inventory it seems as I have bought more than I have sold on MatchRX. I was informed by my return drug vendor I use that this past year for my 4 locations I had totaled a ridiculous amount of over 22 THOUSAND in “non-returnable”- non allowable returns. This was primarily from expensive drugs not being in original box or other cases of the manufacturer- just not taking back returns on items.  I was livid! I couldn’t understand the basis of my troubles to have all my tech’s at locations take time to pull and clean and check meds if I wasn’t getting back near what I thought!  I wanted to drop my vendor and switch to other return service, but was informed it was just manufacturer red tape and BS. I have now surpassed 5K in savings from match RX on my savings of just purchases. I’ve been able to watch the high dollar meds that the return company has informed me that we will not get return services on & I’ve placed this to my best ability on MatchRX to help others out in need to not have to buy these same items!  So the above 5K has given enough to take the family on a vacation and actually feel like I’ve been able to afford it rather than worry about the next medication going up from $10 to over $500- in our lovely Drug manufacturer / Insurance Driven world we live in. I’m just a small operation with only about 200 rx’s average per day & if I can make this much difference in my inventory I know that others can do just the same and we all can work together to help each other out!!! I’m glad to be a part of the MatchRX team! Thanks Very Much!” -Justin V., Remedies Lakeside

“I’ve been with MatchRX for a while now and I am very satisfied! The site has saved me and made me thousands of dollars. When I first discovered the site I was amazed at how much overstock I was able to sell. Since then I have maintained my wishlist and still am able to get some great prices especially on brand name items. Every transaction I’ve made has been smooth and easy. I tell all my fellow owner friends about the site. Keep up the good work!” -Trevor W., Smith Drug Co.

“We have been extremely pleased with MatchRX. We have been able to cut our inventory dramatically in the 3 months that we have participated. This has improved cash flow and cut waste. I anticipate cutting our returns costs dramatically in that inventory that hasn’t expired isn’t rejected by manufacturers. It puts the money back where it can do some good. We have had nothing but prompt payment and transactions. We really enjoy working with MatchRX.” -Grant M., Lovelock Pharmacy

“We love MatchRX! We have sold almost $40,000 of unused unreturnable medications that would have just sat on our shelves and collected dust until they expired. The MatchRX system works smoothly from adding drugs to the website to sell, to being notified that we’ve sold one, and then to getting paid (the best part) for expensive unused meds we never thought we’d recoup anything for. Thank you MatchRX for helping the independents out and adding to all of our bottom lines.” -Leah L., Red Cross Drug Store

“Been very pleased with MatchRX. At first I thought it might be just a gimmick or didn’t know if it would be useful.  Now I use MatchRX each and every day I work. Been good to move full bottles of unneeded inventory and get great deals on short dated or hard to find items. Has saved me money big time. Can’t say enough good about it .” -Dan S., Professional Care Pharmacy

“What a fantastic solution to finding drugs in short supply, and for unloading drugs that are just sitting around!  This is truly a way for pharmacies to help pharmacies in a reliable, safe way.” -Julie H., Johnson Drug at ARMC

“We use MatchRX to close the holes in our inventory caused by inventory supply issues and low reimbursements. These pharmacy holes are manageable now, not  an open bottomless pit to toss our hard earned cash into. Posting our slow inventory to other stores is a added bonus every time an order goes out the door. MatchRX gives the ‘smart’ pharmacy the tools to survive.” -Ann E., Village Pharmacy