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New Features and Updates

Our latest features are sure to make your job faster and easier than ever before! Get the inside scoop here.


Easily search multiple NDCs at one time with the new Bulk Search feature. Simply download the Bulk Search template from the Buy Page, enter up to 100 NDCs of your choosing, and simply upload the template. The marketplace will quickly display all of the items that match the list, saving you time and effort when sourcing items for your patients.


When shopping the marketplace, buyers can add items from multiple sellers to a single cart session. Each seller's other items will be displayed, allowing you to select additional items and save on shipping. Upon checkout, the cart will split into multiple orders so you can select a separate shipping method for each order. Multiple sellers in the same cart will save you time when shopping the marketplace.


MatchRX keeps all of your buying history. The Reorder feature in the marketplace provides you with a quick list of items that are currently available to purchase again. You can sort the list in a variety of ways, including WAC discount, posting date, product name, and expiration date. Use the Reorder feature to quickly purchase items for patients that are on recurring fill schedules. This feature is available on both desktop and mobile.


Managing your open postings will be easier and faster when using the new search and sort features found on the My Postings Page. Sort your postings in various ways, including drug name, NDC, and last posting date. Search your open postings by drug name or NDC to quickly find the item you need to review. Our quick edit feature allows you to quickly change the lot number, expiration date, quantity, or price without having to go into full edit mode.


Seller Rating is being replaced with Member Rating. Member Rating will be calculated based on buying and selling activity, adherence to order confirmation policies, and management of open postings to prevent order revisions and cancellations. Your Member Rating will display on the marketplace and on your Member Dashboard. Keep postings up to date and confirm orders within two business days to ensure a high member rating.


MatchRX sellers that want to temporarily hide their posting from the marketplace due to a vacation or extended period away from the pharmacy can easily do so by using the new Vacation Mode feature on the “My Postings” page. Simply enter the “From” and “To” dates and your postings will be automatically managed while you are away.

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