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Site Requirements

1) You may access MatchRX by using one of these supported browsers. Firefox 35.0.1 or higher (Download) - Recommended.
Google Chrome 4.3 or higher (Download)
Safari 8.0.7 or higher (Download) – Mac only.
• Microsoft® Internet Explorer 10.0 or higher (Download) – If you’re not sure what browser or version you have, go to the Help menu within your we browser and click on About.

2) Must enable key browser settings  to use MatchRX In addition to using one of the browsers listed above, you must also be sure certain browser settings are enabled
to access our Web sites.

  • Cookies must be enabled to access secured areas of the site (such as viewing account information).
  • Javascript must be enabled.
  • Stylesheets must be enabled.

Note: by default, all of the above items are enabled when you install a browser.

3) Additional software needed to view some features There are some features on MatchRX (such as videos, audio files, documents, etc.) that may require additional free software to view, including:• Adobe® Reader (Download)
• Adobe Flash Player (Download)

4) Pop-ups blockers may interfere with some features Software installed to prohibit pop-ups or restricted banner ads might interfere with this site and cause you to experience general errors or frozen pages. We recommend that this software be disabled or un-installed before using MatchRX.