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MatchRx provides free pickup services (member pays for shipping only) for FedEx 2-Day and FedEx Overnight services by clicking on the “Pickup” button when completing a sale. All FedEx ground shipments must be dropped off at an authorized drop off center. MatchRX provides locations to all drop off centers in the vicinity of the member’s pharmacy. All FedEx Ground shipments picked up directly from the pharmacy by FedEx or dropped off are subject to a $2.50 FedEx charge. The FedEx ground pick up fee also applies to orders picked up by a FedEx ground courier dropping off a separate shipment to you. You may not drop off a FedEx ground shipment to a FedEx 2-Day Express or FedEx Overnight drop box. Orders must be dropped off at an authorized FedEx Ground drop off location. All Ground items are shipped and delivered Monday-Friday. MatchRX doesn’t offer weekend services.
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